Trying so hard…

I have been trying everything to get more business and it sure is a tough market. I figured it would be so easy because people would want handmade items instead of buying them from stores. I guess I was wrong. I really thought selling on Etsy would be easier too.  Maybe it’s what I’m selling. Maybe people don’t want jewelry. I don’t know.

I signed up for Twitter again. The first time I was on there, I had it as a personal profile where I would update stuff from my boring life. I had the most random people following me and it freaked me out. So when I signed up this time, I was hoping that more random people would follow me because I made it only about my crafting stuff, nothing personal. I only have 11 followers and 3 are people I know.

Yesterday, I tried to get more people from Facebook to help me out. I guess having only 70 friends (because I did a mass delete recently) doesn’t help because I can only reach so many people. Again, I thought more people would help me out. I am surprised by the number of people who “support” me, but aren’t doing anything to help. I try to give incentives but they don’t seem to work.

I guess for now I am only going to make money selling to my family and close friends who don’t mind paying me to make them stuff. That isn’t my goal. I told them that I would give them free stuff if they would just get more people to buy stuff from me. It’s just a waiting game.


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