Baby Steps

In an effort to get people to simply interact with my Facebook craft page, I did a Free Friday deal. I posted a picture of a new pair of earrings I made and told people to comment on them and tell me why they wanted/needed a new pair of earrings. I had limited success. My mom commented (she doesn’t count), a close friend commented, and one other girl. The other girl is someone new, I don’t know her personally, and she seemed to really want the earrings as a gift for her sister. So she won. I was actually really disappointed yesterday. I don’t understand why so few people participated. Were the earrings just not what someone may have wanted? They were FREE for crying out loud.  Alas, there was an upside. The girl who won emailed me and said that 1) she was super excited she won and 2) she had seen my website and wanted me to make her more stuff for her baby, due in December. So, even though she got something for free, hopefully she will become a paying customer and new fan of mine. Plus, she gave me some more ideas for jewelry.  So, although the day started out on the down slope, it went up in the evening.

And today, finally, my husband comes home from his week long trip. I feel like such a wimp because I missed him so much after only a week. But I chalk that up to just liking him being around.


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