Pluggin’ Away

I knew I wasn’t going to be very good at this blog thing. My life is just too boring to sit and write about everyday.  Let’s see, on the crafting side, one good thing happened yesterday. Two people favorited my etsy page or items on my page. Can’t seem to get anyone to purchase anything though. Nothing new happening on my Facebook craft page. I did finally reach my goal of 200 fans, so I did a deal where the first 10 people to comment would get $5 off their next purchase. A whopping 4 people responded. Really? Maybe $5 off wasn’t enough? If they are only buying earrings that’s a damn good deal. My earrings only cost $15 to start. And of course, the 4 people who did respond were my regular customers anyway. But good for them, they get a deal.

So, just in case you are reading this and wonder what kind of things I sell, here are all my websites.

Chrissy’s Creative Creations (as of April 2012 this site will be shutting down. I am hoping to update this blog as much as possible and make it like my website. Keep looking for new news on that)

Chrissy’s Creative Creations on Facebook

And my page


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