Heading in the Right Direction

I am hoping that the rest of the year brings me all kinds of new business.
I went to the art/cocktail party I wrote about. That was such a fabulous experience. It was a small gathering held in a lady’s home, and it was just a nice way for she and her friend to show off their art and enjoy some company with their friends. I now know that this is my key to get new business and getting the word out. I would love to have my stuff in an art fair or something of that nature, but I run into the problem of cost and inventory. Since I am a stay-at-home mom, I don’t have the funds to just go out and buy supplies and have a lot of inventory. And that means I also don’t have the funds to book a spot at a craft show or art fair. So I think this party out of my house idea is just killer.

I plan to have one of these parties next month and hopefully 2 more in October. For the first one, I am going to make it an art/cocktail/get to know your neighbors get together and just invite some of the ladies from my immediate surrounding street. This way they can come over, see my stuff, grab a business card and head out. That is my main goal; just to get people to see my stuff and know that I can be there if they need me for something. The next two parties I am hoping to have in Texas and California when I vacation to see family. I can tote all my inventory with me and have my mom and in-laws invite their gal pals over and see my stuff. I am hoping these parties work out because like I said, I think this is the key. Just get the word out.
Meanwhile, a friend of the family has asked me to make things for his granddaughters for Christmas. This is so amazing. So far it looks like I am going to be painting custom art for the two girls’ bedrooms. As painting is my most favorite art to do, this has me uber excited!!!

One good piece of info I learned when I went to that art party was that selling on etsy is so tough. There are so many people making the exact same things that unless you are looking for something very specific, you may never come across something of mine.  The lady I talked to has been on etsy for 2 years and has only made 9 sales, 2 of those from me. So this was a nice bit of info and will help me not get so discouraged.

So besides having the website, being on Etsy, Twitter, and Facebook, I just got an app for my Facebook page that allows me to make sales directly from that page. I am loving this. Just a little way to make this whole thing easier.


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