I work well with others

Just thought I would write something about how I make it easy to work with me when and if you would ever like to purchase something. An example…a friend of mine asked me to make his granddaughters Christmas gifts. He had no clue what he wanted. So he and his daughters and I all started emailing each other and figuring out what each girl would like. I came up with ideas and we decided what would work the best. We decided that I was going to paint on cork boards for each of the girls. Then, my friend went online and purchased the cork boards and had them sent to me. I will paint and send back. Now I only need to charge him for my painting labor and shipping, not the cost of the cork boards.

I have another potential customer who wants a specific type of fabric. It’s a novelty fabric that I cannot seem to find. So she is looking for it as well. If she finds it, I will tell her how much I need and again, I won’t charge her for that portion.

I will always try my hardest to make you something special, custom, and meet all your needs.


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