Money money money

I was sitting here today thinking about how I go about charging for my artwork and thought you all may want to know, too. First of all, it’s so hard for me to charge people I know. I know, this is a business and I need to charge for my hard work. But it’s still hard. I am slowing getting over that and trying to hard to keep a lot of factors in mind. Today, these factors really came into play.

When I price something, I go by the cost of supplies, shipping (I add shipping into all the prices so I don’t have to worry about adding it later), time spent on each piece, and I also take into account how much time I am taking away from my regular life. The last couple days, I have only finished 3 projects, but they have taken me all day because in between, I am making meals, taking care of my 3 year old, and NOT taking care of her also. That is the part that I think I want people to understand the most. A lot of you may think that since I am a stay-at-home mom, I have all the time in the world. I really don’t. I make time by not spending time with my daughter. It’s like being at work. So while I do enjoy having the time to myself (which is rare), I do get the mom guilt.

So, I guess I just want you to keep in mind when you buy something, that while you may think, “This is so easy to do. Why does she charge so much?” Remember that everything I make is custom, a lot of times specifically for you, and it does take time, patience, money, and time away from everything.


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