Working Girl

Well, I have spent the last 2 weeks chugging away at sewing. I have gone through my whole box of material and made placemats, potholder, baby stuff…and I am not even close to being done. I am so exited about my upcoming craft shows and art projects, I just can’t stop!! I have ideas all ready to go for my painting projects, I have prices set, I even cataloged all my sewn items on index cards so I can easily keep track of what people buy.

I am really hoping that people actually buy things. That is not my number one goal of course. THAT is just to get the word out about myself and hope people use me later for their needs, i.e baby shower gifts or holiday gift giving. But it would be a nice perk to have people really like my stuff and buy some. And take a business card of course….which…I found out the other day have a typo on them. GRRR!!! I haven’t given them out to too many people I don’t know, so I am not too worried. But sheesh. One more thing I need to get done.

If you are keeping up with my blogs and/or my supply s lovely handmade stuff, I am not going to post any photos on my pages of the new stuff until it has/hasn’t been sold at the shows. I want to give everyone else a chance before my usual customers grab it up. But I am happy to say that I already have people wanting some of the stuff if it doesn’t sell. Hooray for loyal customers.


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