A Successful Failure

I wouldn’t really call my  first art show a complete failure, but I wouldn’t call it a smashing success either.

I was getting so excited for the show. I thought that calling it an art show/get to know your neighbors party would have been the key ingredient to get more people to come. Not really. I think people around my neighborhood could care less about meeting their neighbors. I thought that maybe people weren’t getting my invites because I had not received ONE r.s.v.p. Then, the day before the party, I got an email. “My invites weren’t lost!!!” I was so stoked. I was so full of excitement that I wrote back and said, “You are the only person to reply!” Then I had to send another email saying that she wasn’t the one coming so don’t feel like you’re going to be alone. That was kind of a silly move on my part. Later that day, another neighbor called me and said she was really interested in coming for the crafts! She said she makes some stuff too and would love to see my stuff and maybe do art together someday.

So, the day comes. I had all my stuff set up, I had drinks, food, a slideshow…I was so prepared. So prepared for my TWO guests. But, it was so great. The two girls ended up staying for a good three hours. We chatted, learned a little about each other, and in between I would talk about ME and my art. One girl didn’t buy anything but said she definitely wanted to in the future, and one girl bought one thing. But, the purchaser is also pregnant and may be  good person to buy up some of my baby stuff and possibly have me paint for the baby’s room. So, nothing bad came out of the party. I just need to find more ways to advertise and possibly do something off the base since I can’t invite people from around town because they can’t get on base.

I am very much looking forward to my next two shows!! One is going to be in Dallas where my in-laws live. They have a bunch of friends, young and old, who they will ask to come and enjoy some cocktails and art. And the other show will be in San Diego and I am planning on doing that with my best friend and my parents, so we will have a plethora of art!! And I know quite a lot of people and think more are likely to stop by. Whatever happens, at least some more people will be aware of ME and what I do.

I also am trying to find ways to hand out my business cards without just standing on the corner and handing them out. I was in a soap store the other day and saw the owner wearing a pair of cute earrings. So I asked, “Did you make those?” She said no. So then my mom was cued in and said, “Well she makes jewelry.” So she asked for my card and also told me that she had a lady coming in to show her some jewelry soon. I think that meant that the lady may start selling her jewelry in the store. The owner told me she couldn’t read my business card very well, so that was also enough motivation to go home and fix those. So I will be emailing her soon to touch base and talk with her about business stuff. Maybe I could have a few of my things in her store. We shall see.


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