Lots and Lots and Lots

That’s what I have to do in the next couple weeks. I have a ton to do and it’s amazing.  A couple weeks ago, I was pluggin’ away and trying to sew every scrap of fabric I had to get ready for my art shows. Now, I have so many projects to get done! It’s so awesome. I cannot thank everyone enough for giving me work to do and helping me build myself up.

Check out my Facebook page for images of a new necklace I just finished. (The photo is here now) A past customer recommended her friend to me to make this necklace. His girlfriend had lost her favorite necklace in a fire and he was looking for a replacement for her birthday later this month. I contacted him, we worked on getting all the right pieces, I sent pictures, he told me how to fix it, and we came up with an awesome product. The necklace isn’t exactly the same, but it’s pretty close and very beautiful. It was such a great necklace to make and I am so happy that I was thought of to be able to recreate something that special. It means so much to me.

The photo on the left shows the original and the one on the right is the remake.

Great news too, the friend who recommended me has a pregnant friend, so she will be returning as a customer for more baby loot. YA!!!

I am currently working on some placemats and pot holders for my best customer. I am going to make a baby set for a friend who is having a baby soon. I am going to paint some wood, some canvas, and some cork boards, and make camera strap covers for a customer to give as Christmas gifts AND a new customer who just ordered one.

I just can’t explain how exciting this all is for me. Just a couple months ago, I was beginning to do this all seriously and try to sell my art. Now I am being flooded with emails about making things and getting ideas for future projects.

In the beginning of October, I will be heading west for a vacation and my craft shows. I won’t be home to do projects, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do them. My mom has all the right equipment for me to keep working while I am gone. Paints, sewing machine, you name it. So don’t hesitate to ask me for more stuff.

Also, an important note. A friend inquired today about a pair of earrings she asked me to make a few months ago. I no longer have the pair she asked for. This, unfortunately, may happen to you so I want you to be aware of this. Its just like going to a store and finding a shirt you like but not having the money at the time, and then going back later and it’s gone. If you want me to make you something special, it needs to be paid for. I generally (like 90% of the time)  ask for money ahead of time so that I can buy supplies. I don’t have too much extra to have a lot of inventory. Jewelry is a little bit of a different story because I have a lot of extra beads and time to make things. But the same applies as far as inventory. If you don’t buy what you ordered in a decent amount of time, I am going to let someone else have a chance to buy it. I can’t wait and possibly have you never purchase it. Also, kind of the same thing, if you ask me to make you something custom, I am not going to start it until I have been paid. Especially canvas or baby item projects. Just keep that in mind when you want something. And know, I am willing to work with you. I have two people asking me to do things that can’t pay for everything at once, so we are splitting the payments. I have absolutely no problem doing that. Kind of a good faith payment from your side, and it ensures that I have the funds to buy what you need. (As of Jan 2012, I have new policies on payments. Check out the blog about this.)

That is all for now. Time to get back to sewing. Have a great week!!!


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