On Vacation

Okay. Going to sit down and let you all finally know about the exciting things I did while I was on vacation. Number one, I toted EVERYTHING I had in inventory with me to have two craft shows.


(ONE of my suitcases full of all my inventory)

The first one I had was in Texas and as far as successful goes, it was TOTALLY a success.  I had everything set up so great. I had a huge bar/counter to display everything I had for sale, a kitchen full of yummy snacks, and a slideshow on the tv of all the custom art I have done. One by one the ladies showed up and filled up on snacks and margaritas. I didn’t know any of them, but that was a plus in my book. All new potential customers. In total, I think 7 ladies came and while they all chatted (they all knew each other), I got to chime in and add my bits about what it is I do. All in all, GREAT SUCCESS!

Also while I was in Texas, my mother-in-law saw some plumeria fabric I have a little bit of, and asked if I could make her some place mats and napkins out of something similar. So I was on a mission to find the fabric!!

While I was in California, I had another craft show, this time with my best friend and fellow arts and crafter. His main art nowadays is anything with yarn. He knits, he crochets, he spins his own yarn! And he also paints and does mosaics. So we had a plethora of art to show off and sell. We set up all our stuff outside on the patio in the beautiful California sunshine, had a table full of snacks and wine, and were all set. Fortunately and unfortunately, only our friends came to the party which meant that some of them just came to hang out. Of course we love that, but we were looking for new customers as well. But all wasn’t lost when my  other mother-in-law came and invited a gaggle of her girlfriends. And in good fashion, they all purchased something! And upon leaving, all seemed like they would be interested in becoming future customers. So, two successful craft shows in one month! Can’t beat it!!

After all the shows, it was time to relax and maybe to a craft or two here and there. I actually spent most of the time figuring out new crafts and coming up with ideas for my new kitchen instead of concentrating on some crafts I HAD to get done. Which reminds me…my new kitchen. A little over a year ago, I bought some Dia de los Muertos fabric and made some place mats. Ever since then I have thought that I would love to do my entire kitchen in that theme. Well, while I was out buying plumeria fabric, I found it. An entire section of Dia de los Muertos fabric! Probably a good 7-10 different patterns. So I bought a little bit more of the kind I already have for the place mats to make a matching table runner, and then I bought two other prints to make curtains and other various kitchen decor and accessories. THEN…my family and I went to Old Town which just so happens to have an annual DOTD celebration, and we found all kinds of decor. Not so much “kitchen” related, but that’s cool. I have so many ideas of what to do besides using the fabric. I plan to spend a lot of time at one of those paint your own pottery places so I can paint some plates and other kitchen stuff. (April 2012, more blogs coming about my finished kitchen!!)

After I decided on the kitchen fabric, I was able to find some super, duper, beautiful plumeria fabric. Now it was time to find an accenting fabric. I went to Joann’s which was a whole lot cheaper than the fabric-only store, and found this great red fabric. While waiting in line to have it cut, I came across an equally great green fabric. DRAMA! What was I going to do? I had so many pieces of perfect fabric!! So I did what any other normal indecisive person would do. I bought some of each. It worked out so perfectly. I was commissioned to make 8 place mats, 8 napkins, and whatever else I wanted to make with the remaining fabric. So I decided to make 4 place mats  and 4 napkins with the plumeria and red, and  4 and 4 with the plumeria and green. Turned out great. Then my mom showed me how to applique, and I appliqued some of the plumeria fabric onto a large place mat that could be used as a sort of table runner/centerpiece. And I also was able to utilize some of my mom’s quilting equipment, which makes me want to start to quilt as well. Crazy how one trip to the fabric started some many different projects and endeavors. It’s so amazing!!!!

Now I am home and currently finishing up a painting project that a customer wants as Christmas presents for his grandkids. He didn’t really know what to do to start. My favorite thing to do is custom art, so I suggested that. The kids are in the 8-10 age range, so I wasn’t sure if canvas was going to be best. So I came up with the idea to paint on cork boards. He purchased cork boards tiles and I am painting 2 per kid. That way each kid has a cool art piece but also a place to tack up some photos of their friends or their report card…whatever kids that age want to put on their walls. =)

So, future projects and what’s up next. After the cork boards, I plan to revamp my website and Facebook page. I will be taking photos of EVERYTHING in my inventory and start fresh with what’s for sale. Then it’s on to redoing the kitchen. Maybe make some Christmas presents for family in the middle of all that.


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