Policies for Chrissy’s Creative Creations


-When ordering an item, I will now email invoices. Please provide your name and email address when you make an initial order.

-If you say you want an item, I will remove it from the FOR SALE page. If it is not paid for in full within 2 weeks* of the invoice date, the item will go back up for sale.

-PayPal is my preferred payment method. I will accept checks as well.

With checks or Echecks (PayPal), it must clear the bank before items are started

or shipped.

Please allow up to 2 extra weeks* for processing and shipping if paid by check.

-I will NOT mail items until they are paid for in full.

-No partial payments for pre-made items. Pre-made items include anything that is up for sale as is.

***As of April 2012, I now also except credit card payments. All instructions for making a payment are listed on my invoices. ***


-Full payment or partial payments are required up front for custom orders. I do not keep enough supplies such as fabric and canvases on hand, so I use the money to buy the supplies. If it makes you more comfortable, you also have the option of buying the supplies and shipping them to me.  I will deduct the price of the supplies only from your total. Please keep your receipt.

-When discussing a custom project, the customer and I will come up with a “due date.” Full payment, if partial was made, must be paid within 2 weeks* of due date. This is your side of the bargain. I will have something done by or before the due date as my side.

-Custom orders not paid in full ONE MONTH after completion will be put up for sale. A refund will not be given for partial payments.

– I love working closely with you to make sure the items you order are just as you would like. If you would like to provide me with a cell phone number, I will text you photos and questions as I make your custom creation. I will let you know when I am headed to the fabric store and send you photos of what I see to make sure they are what you want. I will text you photos as I make a pair of custom earrings to ensure they are just right.

Note: *2 weeks= 10 business days


Placing an order is easy!!!

Example of ordering an item from my Facebook page:

{Photo of Earrings}

Option 1: Comment: “I would like these earrings. My email is………”

Option 2: Email me about the earrings at chrissyscreativecreations@gmail.com

I will then email you an invoice and proceed with the order. Please do not say anything on the comments that will make me think you would like to make a purchase without the intention of buying.

I have a Store on my Facebook page as well that allows you to purchase directly from my page. I will try to keep this as updated as possible. My Etsy page is also being updated as I make new items.

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