My Kitchen

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was planning on redoing my kitchen with the Dia De Los Muertos theme. I did it!! Well, I have most of it done and I am still working on small things. Here are a bunch if photos of what I’ve done. Besides a few items I purchased, almost everything is custom made. I think that’s awesome!!!

The first thing I did was make valances for my 2 kitchen windows. Although some of the art is just a painted sugar skull, I want my theme to be couples.

Here is the other window, and what I painted above it. This is what Dia de los Muertos means in the Yucatan. It is pronouced Hanal Pixan and means, “The path to the soul through the essence of food.” Kind of fitting for my kitchen don’t you think?

Let’s see…the frame with 5 photos on top have Loteria cards in them. I was able to find Loteria de la Muerte and I was soooo excited!! The frame on top has one of the cards in it and I covered it with fabric. It was just a plain canvas frame you get for about $.99 at Walmart. The big canvas is actually a faux canvas I purchased at Walmart. When I was in San Diego and we were going to the DDLM festival, I tested out my face painting skills on my daughter. The photo was perfect for my kitchen.

Here is my dining room table. The placemats were the ones I made a couple years ago, so I just added the table runner and the paper flowers. Now those were an easy project and so much fun.

My new utensil holder. I love the couple I painted. This was just a clay pot I purchased for around $1.50. I liked this one because it was brown instead of terra cotta red.

I used the same couple as the utensil holder to make this plate. I don’t have any bisque fired plates lying around, so I went to one of those paint you own pottery places to make this.

I also painted this plate at the same pottery place. I was lucky enough to find a plate that already had the skull embossed on it, so I just made it my own.

These are two canvases I painted just to have as art around the kitchen.

This is my most recent addition to the kitchen. I found the examples of the skulls on Pinterest and made them my own. This is one of those canvases that has about a 2 inch thick back to it, so I was able to paint it and then insert clock parts and still have it hang flush with the wall. I was finally able to put away the clock that was part of my previous theme (chef) and add this one to the kitchen.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sarah Adie
    Apr 06, 2012 @ 12:17:38

    Wow, that’s amazing! Did you use Henry Alexander fabric? I love the Day of the Dead motif, very cool!


    • Gwenniesmom
      Apr 06, 2012 @ 14:09:34

      Honestly I am not sure what the designer/brand was. I just purchased a bunch of different kinds. Thank you for the comment!! I am glad to see that people like this idea.


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