Do the Twist

One of my new favorite things to do in the jewelry word is wire twisting. I am still very new at it; heck, I don’t even have all the right tools, but I am trying new things all the time and loving the results. The first thing I did was make an “S” necklace. It’s so simple but so pretty. It’s just 3 pieces of wire, each a little bigger than the first, bent in an “s” shape and then hung together.

One I made a couple of these necklaces to sell, I was hooked on the wire twisting. I saw all kinds of examples in magazines and just started to make them my own.

This is the next one I tried. Twisted hearts. I love this one. I think what I love the most is that it is perfect as is. 5 hearts and you’re good to go. But you could even do 3 hearts and it would be enough. OR…you could add colored beads to it. Like…….

This one. 3 hearts with a bead in the middle of each and some extras on the side. Perfect to jazz it up a bit.

Then as I was perusing Pinterst (which I am going to blog about in a minute), I saw a great photo of a tattoo. It’s the word “LOVE” as one continuous line. I bet I could twist some wire like that.

Voila!! Simple yet beautiful. One word, one of the most powerful words, hanging nicely around your neck. And once I posted a photo of this to my Facebook, it blew up!! Everyone thinks its great and want to see what else I can do. So great!!

All these necklaces posted are for sale on my Facebook page as well as my Etsy page.


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