My thumb is Green

Besides arts and crafts, I really could garden all day long. I love to plant new flowers, I love to start plants from seeds, I love to weed and prune the plants….I love gardening. Unfortunately I live in a duplex apartment and don’t have the yard space for gardening. I take that back. I have the space, but there are a couple problems. I get the best sun in the front yard and it’s weird to grow veggies in your front yard. And the dogs have pretty much taken over the back (which doesn’t get the best sun anyway), so I have resorted to veggies in pots. Which is working out great!!

I am growing banana peppers, bell peppers (or one giant one at the moment), snap peas and cherry tomatoes. I really wasn’t sure they would do so well in pots, but so far so good.

This is my Money Tree. It has yet to provide me with any money, but I am holding out. This is probably my most favorite plant ever. Probably because he and I have been through thick and thin together. I purchased this tree in 2006 in California while my husband was deployed. He then moved with me to North Carolina where he endured chilly winters and hot, humid summers. His leaves would fall off and I would move him to a different window and he would get happy again. Then we moved to Florida together. I thought for sure just having him outside would be the best because of the constant heat. No go. Again, he shed every leaf and looked dead. But I did not give up. I brought him inside and nursed him back to health. Now he lives outside on the front porch and looks spectacular.

One of the best little known secrets of buying plants from stores…if you are good at gardening, buy plants from the clearance section. I bought 2 petunia plants for about $0.45 and the lilies for maybe $1. They didn’t look so hot but I planted them and now look. I believe the stores just put the ones without fresh blooms on the clearance rack.

Again, a plant that started to not look so great, and now it looks amazing. I had purchased one of those baby cactus with the huge pink flowers on top a while back. It was doing fine in the house but at some point in late spring/early summer, the gnats start to invade my houseplants. So this guy went outside and didn’t do too well. I may have over-watered him a bit, or maybe he just had a crisis. He ended up under a table and just waiting to be thrown away. Then one day I looked, and he had a new sprout. It was the arm on the right. Then it just shot up like crazy. Then the one on the left sprouted and has gotten bigger and bigger everyday. It sort of looks like a crab now with one huge claw. And now there is even a little baby sprout in the front. I am not sure if it’s going to be a new flower or another arm. We shall see. Another reason to not give up on plants.

Today, a friend of mine surprised me with some lilies as an Easter gift. A $2 Ikea pot and some paint later, I have a new front step pot and plant.

And the last one of the day…my kitchen basil in another pot I painted today. I purchased this little plant for a whopping $.50 and I just know it is going to take off in it’s new home.


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