I have updated my business card…again. I was so excited to create a business card. I thought that since I was actually starting to sell my stuff online I definitely should be handing out cards.

My first card was so cute. It had a photo of some paints and my name, my name, my phone number and it said Tampa, Florida. That was before I had a website and was all awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

Once I had a website, I needed something fresh and new. My husband told me that he worked with a computer guy who would definitely make me some starter cards. Woohoo!! The only thing I had to do was give the guy a bottle of wine. Sweet! Basically it was about $20 for some business cards. I needed them by the end of the month…… The night I needed them, they were finally done. Can’t complain too much because they were cheap. They were great. I was official. Then I saw the mistake. There was an extra S in my name. Oh well. I didn’t hand out too many.

So I came home and scanned them and used my mediocre skills to redo them. Then I handed one out to someone and she told me that she couldn’t read it. Back home, mediocre skills to the rescue again.

For a few months now I have had the same card and it’s been working out great. Not sure if anyone has actually looked at the card and thought, “Oh ya, Chrissy. Maybe I should order something.” But they are out floating around.

The end of this month my website is temporarily shutting down, so I needed to revamp again. So there you have it. My new card. Hot off the press that is my home printer. ๐Ÿ™‚


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