I really didn’t know what else to call the title of this blog entry, so I just went with what I’m feeling. Right now I am feeling amazing. I have been doing nothing but making custom ordered jewelry the last couple days. I bought some new tools to help with my wire bending and I am trying all kinds of new things. I just finished making 2 name bracelets for a friend.

Taelor and Sienna.

I just sent out 3 invoices for different jewelry items. One is the LOVE bracelet that is quickly becoming a bestseller. Another is a custom order for a friend who wants to me to make a necklace for their girlfriend. She’s into sports and so I am making her a drop necklace with her jersey number and a charm hanging down. I can’t wait to get the charms in the mail to get started.

I have been noticing lately too that my networks are booming!! I am not sure if that’s the right way to state that, but… People are still not actually buying items from my Etsy page, but everyday there are people favoriting my individual items for sale and my entire shop. Just the fact that people are viewing my shop is so awesome. A year ago when I opened my Etsy shop, I would maybe get 1 or 2 views of my items because my mom would look at what I was selling. My LOVE bracelet has 69 views as of today. And even my baby shower items are getting more views. The skull set has 38 views and 3 favorites.

Now that I have been keeping up with my blog a little more often, people are starting to read these too. AND….Pinterest. I know I haven’t touched on that yet, but can I just say it’s amazing. I love that I finally have more ways to get random people to see my creations. I have a few followers on Pinterest, but I also found that I have people pinning my stuff from the internet. One day I was browsing the POPULAR section and saw one of my necklaces. Someone had seen it on Etsy and pinned it. And then 40 more people repinned it. So now those 40 people have a direct link to my Etsy page and my jewelry. Way cool!!!

This is a custom order I just finished. My customer wanted a starfish charm and orange beads to go with her orange outfits she bought for a trip to Florida. I found some charms online and voila. It’s so easy to order things from me. You ask, I find, I make.



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  1. Tracy Quezada
    Apr 17, 2012 @ 23:17:10

    .Chirssy, this is absolutely beautiful. Your work is amazing.


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