Funny Story

So business has been amazing lately, which means I have to go to the post office a lot. We only have one car in my family, so my daughter and I walk to the post office. We live on a very small military base so it’s about a mile or less to the post office. So she rides her bike and I walk. That was working out great for a little bit but I either have to walk really fast to keep up with her or I am yelling at her to stop and wait for me. So I decided to ride my skateboard along side her. It’s been working out great. I get a little bit of exercise and skateboarding time. I have to admit, I felt like a dork the first couple times. What mom rides a skateboard around town? An awesome one!! LOL!!!!

So the other day I was at the housing office and the main lady and I were chatting. She said, “I saw you skateboarding the other day.” I said, “Oh ya, that was me.” It was kind of cool that someone recognized me. To give you a little perspective…I was pretty popular growing up. Then when I went to High School, popularity dropped by like 90%. I am totally cool with that. I was sort of a nerd who always did my homework so I didn’t care. But when I started dating my now husband, I became J’s girlfriend. He had a cool car and everyone knew him. Again, whatever. But now to have someone recognize ME, it was like, “Hey! I’m cool!”

So last Friday, the housing office was giving away free mulch and flowers to residents. Again, only one car, so I designated my husband to go pick it up. He shows up and tells them our last name and they are like, “Oh. You’re Chrissy’s husband.” All the other office people are like, “Who’s Chrissy?” Then the best part… “You know, the cutie from Chevron that rides the skateboard?” “OH YA!!!!!” says everyone.  So I am totally known around the neighborhood now as the cutie that rides the skateboard. Can’t say I should be complaining. I rather like that name.

So I am off to the post office again today, skateboard ridin’!!


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  1. Nina
    Apr 25, 2012 @ 21:39:15

    That’s so fun! 🙂 Sexy Chica!


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