Irritated or Happy?

I have had my Facebook fan page for a little over a year now. It’s awesome. I feel like it’s been helping me a lot because I have a bunch of fans that aren’t people I actually know and I’ve had a great amount of people purchase items after they have seen them on the page. I am also so frustrated sometimes because of the lack of people I get to LIKE my page. It’s so easy; you click a button and you see all my stuff and all my updates. One of the new things on the fan pages are the insights. You see a graph will all kinds of numbers; how many people like your page, how many people you reach and a few other things. Again, this is awesome and a bit disappointing. I feel like Facebook is so huge and I am only reaching a teeny, tiny, wee baby little amount of people. For example, I currently have 262 likes (totally not complaining about his, that’s awesome). If all the friends of those 262 people also liked the page, I would have over 60,000 likes. Whoa! The one number that is keeping me interested the last couple weeks is the REACH number. Now, with some of the new settings on Facebook, when you LIKE something or comment on something, sometimes it decides to show up on your News Feed for everyone to see. Example, I liked a photo on a fan page and now everyone can see something that says, “Chrissy LIKED a photo” and it shows the photo. So this is working to my advantage because when people like or comment on something from my page, their friends see it. They don’t necessarily need to come to my page, but they can see me, sort of. This number used to range in the high hundreds. This last week, I was up to 756 people. Here’s where I get to the point of my story. I am soooo happy that that many people are seeing my stuff. But I am so irritated at the same time that they won’t LIKE my page. I guess it’s just part of the business. Like the saying, if you have a good experience somewhere you tell one or two people. But if you have a bad experience somewhere you tell ten. So I am back to feeling happy that there are no bad experiences.

Another thing that makes me both happy and irritated is the way people interact on my page. Now that it’s becoming more and more like a business, I try to keep the conversations on a business level. Here are some examples. I have a friend who likes to post things in some sort of language that is a little bit of English mixed with gibberish. I don’t mind this sort of posting on my personal page. But one day he posted something silly on my business page. I deleted it and told him to keep it professional. No big deal. A couple weeks ago my best friend posted something about hillbillies on the page. Again, delete and tell her that she may have mistaken my business page as my personal page. These things happen, you see my name more than once on your news feed and you get confused. Well yesterday I posted a question on my page about what sorts of words people want me to try to bend with wire. I got a good initial response; Peace, Faith… and then my friends posted “YOUR MOM.” At first I had the reaction of “Really?” Then she posted that she was serious and wanted to know if I could do it. As I was just about to delete the comment and email her saying, “I would love to make that for you but that is better suited for a private message,” people are LIKING her comment and saying that is so funny. So I’m torn. On one side I am happy because she does actually want a bracelet and that means more business for me and she got more people to interact with my page. But I still feel like it was inappropriate for my business page. Grrr… all these mixed emotions.

I will just continue on the path of being happy and make some more custom orders today and ride my skateboard to the post office.


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