Your Own Personal Designer

One of the best parts of my little home business is the return customer. Of course I appreciate that my mom and in-laws are return customers, but I am talking about everyone else. I have had a couple return customers with jewelry items, but I have two people that are my favorite.

My first fave customer is Miss Sarah. She first became a fan when I made her a pair of green earrings.


Then she was addicted. She was my best jewelry customer.

Later, she wanted some of my famous place mats. She asked me to make them in a fall theme and kind of dark to match her kitchen. Image

And Voila. On display on her table. Not displayed are some matching coasters and pot holders.

To go along with this order, she wanted some custom art for her kitchen. She told me that 1) it had to include her favorite quote, 2) she loved coffee, and 3) she loved to read. I also knew that she enjoyed wine, so I came up with my idea. To make it really personal, I asked her what her 10 favorite books were. Image

Throughout the bookshelf there are 8 of her favorite book spines. I went online to find out what they looked like and painted them into the bookcase. 2 more are pictured on the bottom right.

So far, her kitchen and ears are happily adorned with Chrissy’s Creations. But it was about time to move the creations to the outdoors as well. So she just recently commissioned me to make place mats for her patio table. She already had seat cushions and wanted me to find fabric to match. Piece of cake. She also requested that I make the place mats a little smaller than usual to fit on her table. She sent me measurements and I got started. She had originally wanted me to make my picnic place mats, which have a pocket on them to hold your silverware, but after checking out measurements, that wouldn’t have worked out so well. So we decided on napkins instead.


Here they are all set up on her patio table. I also had extra fabric so I made her a larger place mat to use as a centerpiece when she wasn’t using all the place mats. I made it the same as the other place mats but appliqued some of the flowers on it to make it special. Below is a picture of that with her seat cushions. You can see how perfectly they match.


The day she received these she sent me a text……

“Look how perfect they are!! And I love the centerpiece. It’ll be perfect for when we’re just munching on chips and beer. You can def keep decorating my apartment. We make an awesome team. I tell you what I want and you make it.”

If that isn’t some of the best feedback ever, I don’t know what is.


And then to my next favorite customer, Shari. A few years ago when I was just starting to be asked to paint for people, a friend of mine told me she was redoing her son’s room. He was getting a bit older and was getting a big boy bed so it was time for a theme that wasn’t baby-like. Wall-E was very popular and he had received a Wall-E comforter for Christmas, so she decided to do it a space theme. She asked if I could paint some canvases for the walls. She didn’t really have an idea of what to paint, so it was really neat to just have fun and paint whatever I could think of.

If you follow the link, you can see the entire album of photos from his room. But below is my absolute favorite one. I try to do something special for each canvas I make, whether it’s adding a poem or painting a specific name in the neat way. Since the underlining theme was Wall-E, I couldn’t resist.


And here are the cuties up close.


I completely free-handed these drawings and I personally think that they are some of the best I’ve done to date. I just love them to death.

Anyhoo, the reason to bring up Shari and all these old photos is because she has asked me to help her redo her son’s room again. He is again, growing up, and space isn’t so cool anymore. Now his favorite theme is the Avengers. She asked if I would be interested in painting some Avengers themed canvases and I replied, “OMG OMG OMG! I would absolutely love to!!!” She has been searching on Pinterest and looking for ideas so she sent me a few for me to replicate. I cannot wait! So stay tuned for those! I am so excited!!!


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