They are done!!! All 7 canvases commissioned by Shari for her son’s new Super Hero themed room.

Again, I can’t take credit for the original designs…Shari found some examples while browsing around on Pinterest, but I did add a little of my own flavor to each and each of them are hand drawn and painted. I think what is super cool is the idea. I didn’t realize until I was halfway done that I was doing only HANDS. I mean, I noticed but it didn’t click that each super hero has a special thing they do with their hands. Way cool!!

I LOVE the minimalist one. One of my faves.

Captain American and Hulk

Thor and Iron Man. My favorite canvas is definitely the Iron Man one.

Hawkeye is the biggest one. Dokken’s favorite.

This is how all of canvases are going to be arranged on the wall. It’s going to be a gallery wall. Way cool! This has been such a fun and fulfilling project for me. Thanks so much to Shari for asking me to be part of her son’s room. It’s awesome. Once she is done, I will post pictures of his finished room with some of the items she made also. If you want to see them now, check out my album on my Facebook page.


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