Wine a Little

Pinterest is not even close to being the only place I find inspiration. Everyday life is a great inspiration and so are stores. I mean, sometimes I go into stores and fall in love with their items and have no problem paying for their merchandise. But let’s be honest…sometimes you go in a store and love something and think, “Why the heck would I pay that much when I could make that?” This happens to be quite often an as long as I can find the materials, I prefer making things before buying them.

So a couple months ago I was walking around a little store in St. Pete, Florida and I came across something that was insanely cute. A coaster for your wine glass that looks like a flip flop. Well, if you didn’t know before, I have flip flops tattooed on my ankle. I only wear closed toes to run. I LOVE flip flops. I don’t however like wine too much, but most of the people I know do. So I was reaching down to grab not just one but a couple to purchase and then I saw the price. $6.95…Each. What? For a coaster? No thank you. Didn’t think anything of it after that.

The next week or so I was in San Diego in a cute little store and saw the same thing. And how much might these be? Just the same. What is up people? I get that you need to make a profit but c’mon. It’s a coaster. So I inspected it a little closer and decided then and there that I would make these and they would  be awesome and I would charge half the price.

First set. Simple but awesome. I made this pair for my grandma. If you’re interested in a set, I sell a set of 4 for $12 (including shipping). They are listed on my Facebook page and I am thinking of putting them on my Etsy page as well. Below are the ones I have for sale.

A Christmas Set.

A set for a fun, hip lady. Also great for a bridal shower or bachelorette party gift.

And some of my fave.. a set for the football fan with your favorite team colors. Displayed is Chargers colors. Remember I’m from California. These are special order for your favorite team. I have all kinds of ribbon and all kinds of colors so let me know what you want. I just made a few as examples to give you ideas.
Happy Wednesday!!!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. charmcitycreativedesigns
    Aug 22, 2012 @ 17:55:45

    Cute idea they would go great with the personalized wine glasses I make.


  2. lexiesnana
    Aug 23, 2012 @ 11:47:39

    Really cute.I like your blog and will be back


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