Couldn’t resist the classic movie line!!!

A friend of mine, you have probably heard read her name a few times on my blogs, Sarah, is getting married!! Ya!! She asked me to make some gifts to give to her friends as she asked them to be Bridesmaids in her upcoming wedding. She searched online to find ideas and found one she liked. It was hangers with wire attached and the wire was bent in the shape of the word BRIDESMAID. Easy enough. Let’s do this!!

I used 12 gauge aluminum wire, the same that I use with most of my jewelry and with the help of my husband, drilled holes in the hangers and stuck the wire inside. The hangers are cedar and are just plain store-bought hangers.

I made 3 Bridesmaid, 1 Maid of Honor, and 1 Matron of Honor.

The best part is that they are still fully functional. So each lady can hang her dress on the hangers before the wedding.

Stay tuned from now until next year because hopefully Sarah will give me the pleasure of making more custom gifts for her wedding. So exciting!!


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