A Very Pinterest Halloween

Congrats to my husband for naming my blog post!! I wrote on my Facebook craft page that I was officially calling this my first Pinterest Halloween because I did sooooo many things I found on there. Here’s a link to my Pinterest page. Follow all or follow a few. Just be aware that on a couple boards, there are things that are inappropriate. We all have to laugh, right? Just don’t say I didn’t give you a heads up. So, you guys have already seen a few things, but there are even more. I did stuff for the Halloween party we just hosted on Saturday. So here goes………

First, I can’t believe I haven’t showed you these yet. I must have made them after my last October post. Anyhoo, my new table runner and placemats. And a little decor on the end. These are not Pinterest related, but you best know that I am putting them on there, LOL!

Let’s start with the good stuff; FOOD! These are rice krispy treats made to look like candy corn. They were easy but did take some concentrating and a few extra pots. Normally, you melt the butter, add the mallows, add the krispies, put in the pan and let cool. With these, I had to add food coloring but to different portions. So I had a big pot for the orange, a small one for the yellow and an even smaller one for the plain colored ones. I did each in a couple minute intervals so that I wouldn’t burn them all and I had time in between to mold each piece. I put the layers in a pie pan and were good to go. The only problem? And I will TOTALLY blame my obsession with Pinterest for this, the colors are mixed up. Yellow is supposed to be on the bottom. UGH! You would think that I would know this because candy corn is my favorite candy, but I was so focused on doing it JUST LIKE the original post that I messed it up. Oh well. They were a hit.

Technically, this isn’t food, but it isn’t decor either, so it gets looped in with the food portion. Spider Ice!! At the beginning of the party I was calling it my “festive” ice, but once the kids started yelling, “AH! There are spiders in my ice!!” I decided to call it the spider ice. This was easy; just put some plastic spider rings in your ice trays and when they melt, you get to keep the rings. I thought these were going to be one of the “cheesy” things that I had at the party, but everyone loved them.

Onto the decor. I didn’t make too much food because my other guest brought things. I may do a post later about the awesome pumpkin dip and caramel fluff dip my friend made. Sooo good.

This guy is my favorite. I stuck some vampire teeth in a mini pumpkin and I used sewing pins as the eyes. Just my style; a bit of scary but totally adorable.

This is my front porch. Did I post the picture of the ghost before? Well, he is awesome. He is made with a tomato cage turned upside down. When I first made him, he looked okay but his head was too pointy. My husband (again, so creative also) bent the top (or bottom) of the cage to make it more square and then I put a bit of hot glue on the middle to hold the bars together. I added the black eyes and mouth (foam) and put the Christmas lights underneath. He is perfect as the door greeter.

I won’t give Pinterest 100% of the credit for this one. I have done this previous years but Pinterest just helped me to remember to do it again. Milk jugs, black sharpee and some glow sticks. Previous years I cut holes in the jugs and used a string of Christmas lights. But since I was putting these on stairs and I had a ton of cheap glow sticks, I thought that was a cute idea.

Another thing that is 100% MY idea, is this. Two of the crafts are store bought (foam pumpkins and pencil toppers), but the bags were just in the cabinet. I had each kid make their own party favor bag. GENIUS!! Each kid could color and decorate their own, make the foam guys, and then have a place to put the foam guys and whatever candy and junk I gave them throughout the night. Cheap and fun.

The other outside craft table had dum dum suckers, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and glue. They were making spiders. See the little purple one at the top right? So cute… so Pinterest. πŸ™‚ (Remember my title?)

The last two photos are of the games we played. All together we had 4 games, two were contests. I had everyone guess how heavy a pumpkin was, how many candy corn were in a jar (they won the jar of candy corn), bobbing for worms, and mummy wrapping. These games were not Pinterest inspired.

Here’s bobbing for worms. Each kid (and 2 adults) had a bowl full of whip cream and 5 gummy worms inside. Without using their hands they had to get all the worms out of the bowl. The lady on the right of the photo won (I think she took 2 bites of whip cream) but she didn’t get a ribbon. One of the boys from the neighborhood won. Of course I forgot to take a photo of them, but I used some colored foam to make ribbons for all the winners of the games.

The last game, mummy wrapping. I made it so that siblings were the wrappers, so we only needed 3 “volunteers” to be wrapped in toilet paper. Well, it worked out so perfect that we had 3 dads at the party. They were such good sports. Above is my daughter wrapping my husband. He was so excited to participate. πŸ˜‰ A bit of advice… I bought a 4 pack of TP from the dollar store. Sounds like a good deal right? Walmart sells a 4 pack for $0.84. Sometimes it pays to just get stuff from Walmart.

To conclude, this party turned out to be a blast and I was happy to host (Originally I wasn’t supposed to be the only host, but that’s a whole other blog post). I loved making all the food and showing off all the decor, and not just the Halloween decor. Hopefully I gained a couple new fans once they saw the kitchen and everything else. Stay tuned in the future for another blog post titled, “A Very Pinterest CHRISTMAS.”


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  1. Musings of a Mom, Interrupted
    Oct 23, 2012 @ 23:50:58

    I always want to do a Halloween party, but then the whole dΓ©cor thing overwhelms me and I never do. You’ve made this look easy and relatively inexpensive! I really should tackle this – next year!


  2. freeze foods
    May 25, 2013 @ 14:23:43

    It’s enormous that you are getting thoughts from this post as well as from our dialogue made here.


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