Craft Fair and Featured Items

Saturday I was part of the second Craft Fair on base here at MacDill. I don’t want to say it was a bust, but we just did not get the traffic we expected. We used all outlets of advertising and it just didn’t help. I think two reasons: I don’t think everyone is into getting their Christmas shopping done early and there was way too much happening with bday parties, soccer games, etc. But…what did I learn? I need to set up my stuff different. I need to invest in my own table (instead of using the ones provided) and it needs to be a long table so I can spread out instead of packing it in deep-like. People just can’t see everything like I hoped.

But…I did make a new earrings display and I love it and I think it worked out great.


So, I decided that I am going to try to clean out my inventory between now and the beginning of the year, so every week I am going to feature an item with a deal attached to it. This week, FEATHERS!!!

So be sure to stop by my Facebook and do some early Christmas shopping. Again, a new item will be featured each week but everything, as always, is for sale.

Oh ya, I have a couple deadlines. If you want your items by Christmas, the last day to order is December 15th. If you have a custom order, the last day to order is December 5th.

Happy Monday!!


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