Someone from Etsy had asked me to make her a bracelet with sterling silver wire. The only thing I could find (for a decent price) was silver plated and it’s thin. But even though it is thin, it’s super sturdy and durable. Since her purchase never happened, I decided to try some new things.



They are quite a hit already on my Facebook page.  I am selling them for $10 each.

I decided to  also use this wire for words for my bracelets and necklaces if people want also. It’s smaller so I can do longer words if people want.  So far, this one….

My customer hasn’t decided if she wants the necklace or bracelet, but I am totally digging the necklace.

And then I thought…I haven’t worn a toe ring in a long time. Ah ha!!

My daughter said, “Uh, mom? You can’t wear rings on your toes!” She clearly doesn’t look at feet very often.


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