Mom and Dad’s Christmas

I can’t believe it, but I kept forgetting to take photos of my gifts. So I am going to show you a couple and then tell you about a couple.

First up…..

mms95picture (2)

You know I am into Day of the Dead, and my parents are into the sun and moon symbol, so how cool is it to merge the two! This was hand drawn with colored pencils and framed. I think my dad may burn this into wood in the future also. That would look so incredibly awesome.

A gift I made just for my dad was a camera strap cover because he just got a new camera. Of course that is something I didn’t take a photo of. But…I do have a couple listed on my Facebook page if you want to see. I sell them for only $10. They just velcro around your existing strap so you can change them whenever you want.

I made my mom a few rings…I think I sent her a LOVE one and then one with my dad’s name, FRED. If you haven’t seen my other rings, check them out here. The big gift I made for my mom was another Pinterest find. I actually pinned it a while ago and made one for myself, but never shared it with you guys or my mom because I didn’t want her to make one for herself. So here goes…

This is the original pin if you’d like to see it. It’s a calendar but with a scrapbook twist. The main idea is that you have a box with 366 pieces of paper in it, each with a day of the year…no days of the week and no years. Each paper just says, Jan 1, Jan 2…Dec 31. Each day, you write the year and something that happened on that day. You do this every year and you can look back to see what you did each day. The day I saw it, I made myself one. I had some cute rectangles of scrapbook paper but not enough and when I want to do a project really bad, I sort of stop at nothing to do it and get it done. So for mine, I used some of the cool paper but for the rest of the days, I cut up old manilla folders in rectangle shapes. So mine doesn’t look quite as cute as my moms.


Here’s moms. I wrapped a shoebox in cute paper also.


On special days, my bday (pictured), family bdays, anniversaries, I put photos and special paper.


And here was day one. I had my mom open it to this day where I already got her started. If you can’t read it, it says “2012 I received this calendar as s gift from Chrissy.”

This was a super fun project. It was a little expensive (I don’t work so expensive for me may be different than what you expect) to make because those pre-cut, super cute scrapbook papers are a little pricey. About $8 per 100 sheets and I needed almost 400. But you figure, $30 for this and some elbow grease, or $12 for a calendar that you use for only one year and throw away. I choose this one, hands down.

The last project for my parents (and all the other grandparents and a few friends) was a hand print Christmas tree that my daughter painted. Again, don’t know why I didn’t have a photo of the finished project, but here is a work in progress one and you can get the jist of it. She did 6 green hand prints on a canvas to make the tree and then used other colors to make the decorations. Great gift because you can take it out every year to enjoy. And it’s fun for the kids to make and great to teach them that gifts don’t always have to be store-bought. It’s the thought that counts.

2012-11-30_15-17-00_163 (2)


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