Commissioned Christmas

If you have been keeping up with my previous blogs you know that I hand made every gift I gave this Christmas (with the exception of one but it was for a 2 year old and he just wouldn’t have appreciated a handmade gift). I also had the pleasure of making some money this holiday by making things for my customers to give for Christmas.

First, my best customer, Sarah (you’ve seen her name before) asked me to make her friend some ornaments. Her friend loves Twilight and True Blood, so I made these.


I wanted to make them as “store-bought” looking as possible, so I copied the images just like the titles. The True Blood one was pretty easy because it’s plain block lettering. I just added the dripping red for blood. Then I put the white satin ribbon inside to make the red really pop. For the Twilight one I didn’t want to just go in with the black paint in case I messed up, so I drew it with a marker first. This way I could wipe it off easily.


Then I went over it with the black paint and added the red ribbon.

For both of the ornaments, I used the paint specifically made for glass. The only step I didn’t do was bake it in the oven, but these aren’t going to get wet and once the paint sits long enough it becomes permanent anyway.  I heard from Sarah and she said her friend loved the ornaments and even posted photos to her Instagram. I guess when your art is Instagram’d you’ve really made it!! LOL!

My aunt later commissioned me to make some jewelry as stocking stuffers. She bought some of the jewelry I had listed on my craft page and then asked me to make a few other things. The first was a bracelet with the bent wire in the shape of the word “Lucky.”


On the back side of the bracelet where the clasp is there is a clover charm as embellishment. To match, a pair of earrings with green beads and clover charms.


Now, I am pretty good at crafting and I do a little of everything in the crafting world. But, I cannot do everything. So sometimes I have to ask my mom for help. In the case of my girlfriend, Theresa, I really wanted something crocheted. One day while I was browsing (you guessed it) Pinterest, I saw a scarf and it was made out of skull shaped pieces. Sort of like granny squares but skulls. I knew I needed one of these scarves so I told asked my mom to make me one. She made me a rainbow colored one. It’s AMAZING! Theresa loves skulls (and could be moving somewhere cold in the near future) so I knew she needed one. One of her favorite colors is blue, closer to turquoise, so I sent my order to my mom.

IMG957339 IMG956094

PERFECT!!! After Theresa opened her gift, she got really mad at me for being so thoughtful for my gift and not just buying her something at the store. She then spent a week trying to buy a gift “as good as” mine. I told her repeatedly that it was the thought that counts, but she wouldn’t have it. She ended up buying me two skull sweaters that are pretty much the cutest sweaters I own. I wish I could wear them everyday. She really did awesome!


Tomorrow (or possibly tonight), a post about a scrapbook-type memory book. Easy enough for anyone to make. You won’t want to miss it. Also, don’t forget that I have a small contest on my MUGSTACHE post.

Happy Friday!!


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