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Okay, it has been WAYYYYYYY too long since I wrote an entry. I won’t bore you with the details, but lets just say that it’s taken me a bit longer to get back to Life. But I am happy to say that I am back, feelin’ good, and ready to be back in the swing of things in the crafting world.

If you aren’t a fan of my Facebook page (you’re missing out) you missed that my Etsy page and Facebook page are back up and running. A couple weeks ago I officially reopened Chrissy’s Creative Creations! I am so excited. I have a photo album that gives everyone the gist of what I do and what I love. A lot of you have seen some great examples of my work but in case you haven’t, here it is.


Custom art is one of my most favorite things to do. I have created pieces for my customers for their kitchens, kids room, and outdoors. Most recently, the stick figure families have become a huge hit (it’s the photo on the top right). I make each family member to look like they do in real life. I use details like favorite colors or favorite activities to make them special and unique.

baby items

The picture says it all, but these are handmade baby items. The changing pads are made with a double layer of felt on the inside to make them super soft for your little one. The breastfeeding covers resemble an apron without the tie in the back and they velcro on the top for easy on and off. The burp cloths are also made with felt and are washed prior to shipping for easy and quick use and softness. Each item, except the plastic wipe container, is machine washable and dryer safe. Even the pillow can be washed. Currently, I have a couple changing pad and wipe holder sets for sale and the owl baby set pictured, but these are usually custom made. You just tell me colors, baby room themes, and any other details and I work my hardest to find the perfect fabric.


Jewelry, jewelry, jewelry. So much fun!! I always have something in the jewelry world made and ready to ship. But custom is my favorite. Just ask!

kitchen items

I love to make custom items for kitchens. I hear that here in Yuma these will be a hot seller with some of the folks living in their RV’s. I need to make a bunch and get the word out. Only problem with that is all the people in their trailers are headed out now, headed to cooler parts. Oh well. Next season.

I have a few place mat sets available for purchase but again, mostly custom to match your kitchen. I do have a bunch of pot holders and coasters for sale. I made those from scraps and just keep them on hand. Place mats are made with your favorite fabric and a piece of felt inside. Totally machine washable.


And last, I love to try tons of new things. Whether it’s something I find on Pinterest or just something I think up, I will try almost anything.


Ways to contact me…

* Here. Shoot me a comment and tell me you would like to order something!

* Facebook. The business pages actually have their own email now. Head over to the page and click on MESSAGE.

* Email. Emailing is the best.

* Etsy. I don’t have too many things listed right now, but the most popular ones are there.

I send out invoices for all my orders and I prefer to do that via email. So when you contact me please include your email address. I also love to text so if you are comfortable with that, email me your number and we can converse that way. That works great when I am trying to get a drawing or piece of jewelry just right. It’s so easy to snap a quick pic and send it to you to see if it’s what you want.

As far as payment, I prefer paypal because it’s super easy. I do take checks but just keep in mind that I do not start a project until the check has been cashed. I take credit and debit cards as well. I do NOT accept cash unless you are local and bring it to me (or I’m at a show).


I am always looking for new projects and new fans and ways to get the word out about what I do. I appreciate every one of you for following my blog and would love for you to follow my Facebook. Share my posts and photos and keep up to date with everything. There is always something new going on with me and my art. 🙂


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