A Featured Artist (sneak peek)

If you are a Facebook follower you have seen that I was planning on featuring a fellow artist friend of mine. That time has come. And if you are a blog follower you get a sneak peek of what’s to come.

First, my friend is Jackie. She is a fellow military wife and stay-at-home mom.  She is new to the crafting world but is already making her mark selling to her friends and family and having a couple booths around the base we live on. Her big seller is earrings but she also makes other jewelry and bookmarks. Her items range in price from $15-$25 and those prices all include shipping.

The way it’s going to work is this…

*May 3-May 11 Jackie will be a featured artist.

*All of her items are going to be displayed in an album on my Facebook page.

*It is going to be a BUY IT NOW type sale.

*All purchases must be made through PayPal and paid for by 5pmPST the day you ask for them.  Her email address will be displayed on each picture so there is no wondering where to send the money.

*If you want to purchase something, comment that you are buying them and send your money.

*If you do not pay for your items by 5pmPST that day, they will be re-posted for someone else.

*All items (regardless of sale date) will be shipped Monday, May 13th.

I am not taking any sort of commission from Jackie’s sales. I will however, add a coupon in each envelope for a discount on your next purchase from Me. I just ask that you LIKE my page and continue to follow me and see what else I have to offer. But this feature is just about helping out a fellow artist. We all need somewhere to start and with my 350+ fans I thought this was a great way to get the word out about Jackie before she ventures off into the world of Etsy or other crafting sites and/or businesses.

So here are a couple examples of what’s to come starting Friday. Orders will not be taken until Friday and only from Facebook.



The next ones are made from spoons. So awesome! So creative!


And then an example of a bookmark.


Hope to see you later for the feature!


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