A Family of Sticks

A very long time ago, like 8 years ago, I made a plaque for some friends. I found some cute cartoon couples online and painted them along with a couple dogs onto a piece of wood. I actually forgot about painting it until a few months ago when that same friend asked me to do the same thing again for a friend of hers. I had her send me a photo the one I made for them and i started laughing. I could not believe what it looked like. It was cute, yes, but not even close to the things I paint now as far as, well, it looked like crap. LOL! Okay, not crap, it just wasn’t my best work. Of course that is the opinion of the artist and we are our own worst critics. ANYWAY, she wanted me to paint a new one and we came up with the idea for stick figures. You can actually do a lot with a simple stick figure. She asked me to do the little girl as a princess, the mom holding a new baby and the dad in ACU’s (Army uniform). So this is what happened.


Super adorable. The photo doesn’t do it justice, especially is the ACU’s. They came out super awesome. Right after I posted this to my Facebook page, TONS of people wanted one. Unfortunately I posted it right before I moved, so people had to wait. And wait they did. As soon as I was settled, I painted this one.


Like I mentioned in one of my last posts (In a Nutshell), I paint these with as much detail as you like. Favorite colors, hobbies, or work attire. The dad’s uniform in this one is what they call Tiger Stripe pattern in the Air Force. I wasn’t sure if it looked right but when I showed my husband he said, “Whoa! That looks great. It looks just like it.” When my husband says it looks good, I know it does. Speaking of husbands, the wife (the girl that asked me to paint this) showed her husband and he was totally impressed and excited. Kudos for me when the husbands get excited over silly art projects.

Back to my friend whom I made one for many years ago…here’s their updated one.


You guys know where to find me if you’re interested in one.


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  1. here2help1991
    May 02, 2013 @ 07:02:56

    That’s really good! They are so cute!! =) You’re a wonderful artist and you’re sincere about it and not cocky which is good. =) Hope you have a great day and continue the wonderful artwork.


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