I Make Kickass Earrings, I do Mud Runs and I Dabble in Magic.

Where to start? How about this? I DID IT! I freakin’ did it! I ran the 2013 World Famous Camp Pendleton Mud Run!!! It was amazing!

Okay, I got that out of the way. Now before you continue reading this entry, click here and go read the other post about my mini weight loss journey. It’s cool, I’ll wait…

Okay, did you read it? Did you see the part at the end about me running in the race with my dad? So you kind of have an idea of how big of a deal this was for me. I wasn’t going to blog about the race because as I have said in the past, I try to keep this blog just about crafting. But a friend convinced me and even gave me the title. I added the magic part because I thought I would just keep you updated on EVERYTHING I’ve done in the past couple weeks and I think it’s pretty cool. So… “I make kickass earrings.” You know this if you’ve kept up with the other entries, so I will skip that part. There may be a small crafting part at the end but we will see. Let’s get to the fun part.

So, I’m a runner now. I can definitely say that. I run almost everyday. My dad is so proud. So when I said that I would do the Mud Run with him it was like the best thing he’d ever heard. Now, quick back story. The Mud Run is 20 years old. My dad has been running it for the last 15 years. And when he runs it, he wins it. He isn’t always the first guy to cross the finish line, but he is damn near the front and he always places in his age group. My dad is 52, this race is a 10k (approx. 6.8 miles) and he has ran it in 44 minutes in the past. I think his best placement is 11th overall and that is out of at least 3,000 runners. He is a beast!! My friend that gave me the title (Steph at Orangespoken) says my dad looks GI Joe, “..or the Navy equivalent.” He is just awesome. And that gives me something to both strive for and be afraid of. Not so much afraid in the sense that I am going to let him down, more in the sense that I know what he can do so I may let myself down. But the days came and went leading up to that day, June 9th, and when I woke up, I was ready.

I wouldn’t say I trained for the race. When I found out it was a 10k I just thought I would have to be able to run almost 7 miles without stopping. That was sort of my personal goal I guess. As the months went by, I just never got up to that distance. I don’t think I couldn’t do it, I just get bored running alone sometimes and didn’t want to do it. That doesn’t sound like a true runner does it? But it’s hard for me because I run on the treadmill a lot with my daughter watching TV in the room next to me. I don’t want to have her sitting there all day long. And when I run outside at home in Yuma, it’s 106 degrees by 9am and I don’t want to run in that heat. I want to live. But I was consistently running 5 days a week and adding a bit of ab work in there so I was preparing as well as I thought I could. My best friend said, “You know most people start with a 5k.” Guess I’m not most people. 😉

Another goal I have had, even without a race in my future, was a bit of a superficial one. I don’t want abs of steel, well let me rephrase, I can live without abs of steel, I can live without my weight being a certain number. But what I really want is to get rid of the loose skin on my stomach. If you read my Lean, Mean post you saw that I had a 9lb baby and I’m only 5ft tall. So I have some nice stretch marks and some lovely extra skin. So my goal was to feel comfortable wearing only a sports bra and shorts to run. Let’s just get to the race part and come back to all these goals later.

So here we are, race day! Up at the butt crack of dawn to drive an hour to get there and ready to go.

The race took place at Camp Pendleton, a Marine base, so naturally there were Marines there to pose with runners.

In this photo, my dad is pointing to a very large hill. I don’t do hills. That is something I didn’t train for and I paid for it. When I am in San Diego with my parents, sometimes my dad and I will hike up a mountain. The next two days I can barely walk. My thighs just give out on me. I asked my husband about why this is because I have muscle in my legs. My legs are super muscular. He explained that there are two types of muscle. The kind that you use for quick use and the kind you use for endurance. He compared it to a guy who lifts weights or does leg presses. That guy has the type of muscle to lift massive amounts of weight but can’t run a long distance. Well, I can handle that comparison but I definitely need to work on hills.

Here we are, ready to go. And I’m just wearing my sports bra. Goal met!

This is the course. I will give you a rundown. First, you just start running. It’s mainly on the pavement to get us to the mud part. But about halfway through the first mile, here comes the fire hose. They had a fire truck BLASTING us with ice cold water. It wasn’t very hot that morning so this was shocking. You know the feeling when your spouse dumps ice water on you in the shower? I know it’s happened to most of you so you know that feeling. It’s shocking, your breathing changes. It was crazy but awesome. First mile is done and we ran it in under 8 minutes. Whoa! That is super for me. I knew I could run fast but that still surprised me. Then comes the Steeplechase. This was a small wall you had to climb over and then you land in a mud puddle. My dad flies over this no problem. I land in the mud and fall down and get stuck. So I am already completely covered in mud. So much fun. Next is the beach and that was just running on sand. Bleh. Then comes the first hill. I am doing good, I am running SUPER slow but still running. We were part way up the hill and my dad puts his hand on my back to keep me going. He tried to encourage me, “Okay, just around this corner is the top of the hill. Keep pushing it. You’re doing great.” Ya, they changed the course a bit this year so my dad had no clue what he was talking about. That hill went on forever. So I walked a bit. I had to. I walked maybe a minute and got back into it. Then I said, “So now the key is the to not look ahead.” There was a GIANT hill ahead of us. We walked up. There was no way I was going to run up that hill. I told my dad that I can easily walk up these hills faster than I can run up. I did see one dude sprinting up the hill and I may or may not have yelled a few obscenities his way. All in good fun of course. So we get to the top of this hill and there’s the cargo net. That was simple. You climb up, you climb down. The only issue here was the amount of people waiting to do the same thing. The other people definitely slowed us down. So we keep running, up the next hill and at the top is a row of hay bales we had to jump over. They put this obstacle at the top of a hill obviously to weed out the weak. But I did it. Then comes the part where I super excelled and was even better than my dad. At the bottom of the first downhill was a big wall and a mud pit. I didn’t excel yet, haha. But I managed to get through pretty good. Then they had cargo nets very low to the ground that you had to crawl under while in very wet mud. Being short came in super handy right here. I crouched down and blasted under those nets. I mean, I was running full speed and passing everyone else. I had to wait for my dad at the other end. Then came a small mud hill under another net while being blasted with the fire hose again. This hill was a bit of a challenge but the fire hose was amazing. At this point you are so hot and muddy that you are welcoming the ice water. Run, run, run some more. At this point we were more than halfway done and I feel like once I passed 4 miles, the rest was a piece of cake. Kind of like Forrest Gump said, “I figured since I ran this far, I might as well keep going.” Plus, oh I forgot. Our bibs were yellow which meant we were in the second wave of starters. The first wave wore pink. I had been passing pinks all morning. Goal met. I may not be as fast as my dad but I was faster than a large number of people. YES! So okay, running more and then we get to the mud pit/walls/tunnels. The pits are fun because you just get covered in mud. But it is also hard to run afterwards because your shoes are full of mud and they are heavy. This last wall I needed help. The wall was in a mud pit so you kind of sink down when you try to get a jump start. So I try to reach over the wall to get a grip and because I am so short, I couldn’t even reach the other side of the wall. So I got a boost. No problem. They had guys stationed there to help, plus I had my dad to throw help me over. Run through another mud pit and then run through tunnels. Excelling part two. I had to wait for my dad again on the other side because he had to crawl through the tunnels, I just hunched over and ran again. I wish there was a better way for me to describe this, but just try to get the mental picture. Maybe try to picture the difference between “Mini Me” and a normal sized person. I’m the midget. LOL! So then the slippery hill. This hill was at practically straight up. They had robes along the sides thank goodness because it was a river of flowing mud we had to climb up. I walked of course. A little more up hill and then we got to the last obstacle, the over/unders. These were horizontal telephone poles at different heights you had to climb over and go under. I showed my skills and went OVER all of them. Then we finally had a nice downhill to run. We were on the home stretch. The last mud pit obstacle.

Here we are both crawling through it. And you had to crawl. Boy did my knees get the grunt of this torture (pic later).
Here I am getting out of it. Look at that mud. This was some sort of imported mud that just cakes on and sticks to you.
last pit
And then we ran through one more pit and crossed the finish line. (we are there in the middle of the pic)

Don’t we look awesome? Seriously one of best times I’ve ever had. And I did it with my dad which makes it more memorable and awesome. He had his Garmin watch with him so if you care to see what we did, click here.

A couple days later we got the official results. chrissy results
I came in at 1hour 12 minutes. I think that is soooooooo awesome! And I came in 17th in my female age group of 25-29. That is probably the biggest age group in the race so that makes me super proud. And look, 339th overall. There are at least 3,000 people that run this race each weekend (it’s so big they have to spread it out over the entire month) so I am more than happy with my results. I freakin’ did it! And on top of everything else, I am so happy that I had a small fan club there to watch me. My husband, daughter, mom, gma, mom-in-law and 2 family friends were there to watch us. And the couple days leading up to the race, my husband was telling EVERYONE what I was doing. He won’t tell people, but he was super proud of me. So that makes this experience spondiferous!! (I had to use another word besides awesome and amazing).

busted knees
Here’s my knees a couple days later. At the bottom of that last mud pit was just rocks and more rocks. My poor knees. Today I think they are finally done being scabby knees. I looked like a 12 year old for a couple weeks.

So okay, the craft part. It isn’t anything I crafted but you know from my other posts that I come from a crafty family.
My dad burned this for me and gave it to me after the race. Too cool! I also commissioned him to make me a shadow box with my bib and the dog tags we got for finishing. I will post those pics at some point.

Now let’s get to the magic part. I will try to make this quick since this blog is just getting longer and longer. First let me say that these last two-ish weeks have been different for me. Being a mom is my favorite thing. One thing that changes when you become a mom is that you no longer are the center of attention. EVERYTHING is about your kid. This has been an interesting time for me because it shifted back to me for a minute. We came here so I could do the race. It was all we have/had been talking about. And now this magic thing had turned back to me as well. So while I appreciate all of the spotlight, I’m ready to get home and get back to just being Mom.

So okay, the magic thing. One of our good friends, Derek, is a magician. He’s great. He is absolutely wonderful at magic. He is doing two shows (now one) at the San Diego County Fair this month. He is doing his usual stage magic and then he has an illusion set up for the finale. Well, his assistant ended up not working out and so I offered my services. Friday night I learned the trick, Saturday we practiced, and Sunday we performed. I am not going to say that I am the best, but I am pretty darn great to have learned and performed this no such short notice. I don’t have any photos of videos of US doing the trick, but I do have a link so you can see what it is. It’s called a Sub Trunk illusion. Derek is shackled and locked in the box. I get on top of the box, lift a curtain, the curtain comes down and Derek is on top of the box and I’m inside the locked box shackled. It’s pretty freaking sweet. Here’s the link to see it. It’s done a bit different but the illusion is the same. Fast forward to about 7:00 minutes. HERE!! We are going to be back at the fair Sunday the 23rd on the Showcase Stage around 6pm-ish if you happen to be in San Diego and read my blog. Maybe someone will take photos and video this time and I can share that.

So, 2700 words later and you know a little more about me and my life. I will be in San Diego until next week and then I will be back home and getting back into the crafting stuff. So if you aren’t interested in this stuff, hang tight, the art will return.

Happy Hump Day!!!!


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