I Made a Quilt

I spent the last two days trying to figure out what to name this blog post. I was going to blog about it the other day and was going to call it “My Flawed First Quilt” but then I decided against that. I was going to just keep this quilt for myself, too and not try to sell it, but I decided against that, too. One time I found a quote, or maybe I made it up, but it was about finding beauty in flaws. That applies to art so much. The first time I saw that was back in high school. My boyfriend, now husband, was in ceramics class and he made my grandma a small vase. He dipped it in blue glaze and it came out perfect except for one spot. The glaze burned off one spot and you just saw the clay. He was horrified that it came out like that. But I told him that it was the best vase ever, and it was. That small flaw made it beautiful. So once I was done “fixing” this quilt, I decided that it was awesome and beautiful and I put it up for sale.

A while ago, I think it was when I still lived in Tampa, a customer had asked me to make her daughter a quilt. It was going to be purple and pink with grey chevron as the back. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find chevron print? One day it’s super popular and you figure it must be in every fabric store, but when you go, they haven’t had any in months. Anyway, I never found the grey chevron and she didn’t want the quilt anymore. I did however find a different grey fabric that I thought would go good with the purple and pink fabric. So the fabric sat in my fabric pile until last week when I decided to go ahead and make the quilt.

I used a small quilting square and just sort of started cutting and placing the squares until I thought it was a good size. Hold on, did I mention that I really have no idea how to make a quilt? LOL!!! If you’ve read my other blogs, I sort of just go with flow. I don’t ever really measure and I don’t use patterns. So I sort of just did what I thought would work out. I’m funny. And this is actually the second quilt I’ve made. I made one for my best friend’s baby last Christmas but I can’t find the picture. And although it sounds bad, you know that when you make something for family, even if it comes out not so great it’s still awesome. So I had to work a bit harder for this one if I was going to make any money from it. Just being honest. Anyway……

So I made the middle part, the squares part, and decided that it needed a border. So I added purple around the outside and 4 more squares to the corners. I actually measured the borders this time so it didn’t look lopsided.

Then it was time for the felt middle (just like quilting batting but easier to work with) and the grey. I did fantastic on this part. I sewed diagonal lines all across the quilt. Then I sewed the edges and voila.
Here’s a close-up of the back too. Such a pretty grey and I think it compliments the bright colors.

So when I said it was flawed, it’s because of this.
I washed it so that any of these weak spots would stand out. Now I could blame it on the fabric, my lousy sewing (no, not that) or the thread…but I am just going to say that it’s something I need to work on. Because if it is bad fabric and/or thread, I need to be able to work through that. And if it was lousy not so great sewing, I can definitely keep working and improving on that. So before I dried it, I hand-stitched all the weak spots. This was the discouraging part. This was when I decided to keep the quilt for myself. I just thought that there were too many weak spots. But I muscled through the hand-stitching (that is no joke. Can you imagine doing that back in the day for EVERYTHING? OMG!) and held up the quilt to give it a good look and you couldn’t even see the flaws. I fell back in love with it. And now it’s for sale.

I’m selling it for $65 on my Facebook page. It’s dimensions are 29×37, odd I know, but like I said, I don’t use patterns so I just made it and went with it. It’s perfect size for a little girl to cover up with, hang over the bed/crib or lay on. It is actually just long enough to cover up my legs too. Yes, I’m short. But it isn’t just for babies/small kids. It would look great draped over a full size bed, a chair or hanging on a wall of your mom or friends house.

Head over to my Facebook page and check it out. LIKE the page while you’re at it and keep up with my daily posts. And here’s a sneak peek at what I’m working on now. You get to see it because if I post it to my Facebook page it will give it away to who I am making it for.
mustache theresa
I’m making an entire baby gift set with mustache and turquoise fabric. I am so excited and my good friend will be too. I am almost done and then I am going to use whatever is left over to make her a quilt as well. Pictures to come later of course.


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