I’m not on Instagram but I do participate in some of the hashtag craze. I guess Facebook is doing it now so every once in a while I will do a #ThrowbackThursday. Today, I just happen to have a good one for the crafting world.

When I was in 8th grade I got really into skateboarding. Now I don’t kid myself, I cruise. I go straight and have attempted an ollie in my day, but nothing crazy. I just rode my board everywhere. My board was just a plain deck and I started off my putting stickers all over it. I got bored of that and decided to paint it how I liked it. So I peeled off all the stickers and sanded the board. Then I hand-made a stencil, got some spray paint and went to work. What did I paint on my skateboard that represents me?


A giant green alien of course.

Hard to see in the photo, but the board around the alien is a sort of fading/hombre design with dark blue and black.

Sadly, the board is now being recycled. The deck was cracked, probably from me sanding it and all those ollie attempts. I have the memories, a blog commemorating it and a new board with new wheels that my husband just bought me a week ago. So my skateboarding days shall live on.

Here’s a cute story from my early blogging days. Click me


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