Well, I did it. I joined Instagram. At first I said I would hold out and be the only person on the planet without one. Then I said that I would just sign up and browse, not get caught up in the craze. I signed up yesterday and posted 4 times already. Why am I telling all of you about it? Well first, you can follow me if you want, @chrissyq02. You will get a bit of insight into the life of Chrissy and I will try to update with all my projects, oh and if you ever buy anything from me and take a pic you can tag me #chrissyscreativecreations. Okay, now it seems even more awesome. The funniest part and part of the reason I decided to blog about it was because when I added my website (this one) to my account, the first post you would be sent to started out with, “I’m not on Instagram but…” I just thought was too funny!!

So, something else not craft related but super awesome, did you know that you are following a Youtube celebrity? You probably did not. Well, I have a video I posted almost 7 years ago and it’s been on quite a few tv shows, has almost 2.5 million views and was just on the Yahoo! homepage that other day. It was pretty cool to open up my browser and see myself on the front page.


This is the link that was on the homepage… HERE

And here’s my original video… Talking Goat

I have a feeling some of you may have seen this and just didn’t know that you “know” the person in the video. Anyway, pretty darn cool.

So to tie this in to the crafting world…I cannot. Except I guess for the part where I will post craftiness to my new Instagram #obsessed. LOL! But I am going to finish up the mustache baby set this week and get that into the mail, maybe make a quilt to go with it and I have a new canvas project in the works. Oh and my daughter starts Kindergarten in a week. AH!!!!

Happy Monday


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