New Stuff & A Fundraiser

I have had some earrings laying around for months now and just got around to posting them. Not sure why. I’ve been wearing a pair of these and have given them as gifts for a couple years now but just finally decided to sell some. What are they, you ask? Let me show you.


For only $20, you get at least 5 pairs of earrings in one. Mix and match the colored and silver beads to make earrings to fit any occasion. I have 4 sets listed on my Facebook page and they vary in price based on the size of the silver hoops (the ones pictured are 1.5in and there are 2 pairs that are only 1in) and the number of beads you have to choose from. Bonus, you can wear these if you have stretched ears. I currently have open plugs in my ears so the hoops just go right through the middle. SCORE!!

Planning on spending the rest of the week making some new items so check my Facebook page for those.

You guys remember that baby gift set I was making with the mustache fabric? It’s done, has been shipped and received. When I found out my girlfriend was having a baby, I rushed out and bought the mustache fabric. It was perfect for she and her family and her new little one. I just had to wait to find out if I was going to accent it with blue or pink fabric.
That’s the entire set which includes a changing pad, wipe holder, breastfeeding cover and pillow.

This is the breastfeeding cover. Like an apron without the ties around the back.

Now, fundraiser time. As you may know if you read my previous posts, my daughter is in kindergarten and she is a Girl Scout Daisy. And….I’m the new Daisy leader. So naturally I want to find a way to raise some money for the troop without having to pimp out the girls. So I made sure it was something I could do on my own and it’s been okay’d by the Girl Scouts and here’s what I’m going to do.

For the entire month of October, 50% of the profit I make from sales will be given to the troop fund. So if you are thinking of doing some early Christmas shopping, need some new holiday decor or just want some new lovelies, October will be an awesome time to buy that. You will be contributing to my income but more importantly, helping 30 young girls do some pretty awesome and fun activities throughout the school year. Sale starts next Tuesday.

Happy Wednesday! 🙂


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