Reuse, Recycle, Re-Purpose

I am most definitely an advocate for recycling. Ask my husband and my friends; I am the one who will go through the trash to get the recycling out. I am the one who will yell at you to stop throwing glass in the trash can. So anytime I can reuse something, or re-purpose it in this situation, I will jump on that opportunity.

A few months ago I bought a new bed set. It was a great set complete with sheets, a comforter, about 5 pillow shams, 2 actual decorative pillows and a bed skirt. Right away I knew I would never use the bed skirt. I haven’t used a bed skirt in years and our bed now is a Captain’s bed with drawers and you can’t use a bed skirt anyway. So I was going to throw it away when my mom said, “You could probably make a curtain with that. Then your curtains will match your bed set.” GENIUS!

It’s been a while but I thought it was time to actually do that. So first I had to cut off all the excess fabric lining. That’s the part of the skirt that is under the bed that you don’t see. Then came the worst part. I had to go in with my stitch rippers and really make sure I got rid of all the extra fabric. My back and eyeballs were killing me. But I got done and headed on to my next step.

I needed to iron the skirt, now just a big piece of fabric, so I headed to the ironing board. It started to look so much better without the wrinkles. Then I thought that instead of painstakingly pinning the hem I was going to sew, I would just iron it. So I start and it’s working out great for the first few inches. Then I came upon a piece that I just couldn’t hem with one hand while the other was on the iron, so I sat the iron down, flat on the current hem, and was able to use both hands. When I went to grab the iron again to move it, it was stuck.

IMG_20131028_144318_570 (2)

Oops. I wasn’t even thinking about what kind of fabric I was using. It isn’t regular cotton, it’s more of a satin-type. Luckily, it was just the first few inches so I had some room for error. But after that I decided that I wasn’t going to iron anymore and I wasn’t going to pin, so I just sat at the sewing machine and hemmed as I went. I wouldn’t normally do that but this is just a curtain for my bedroom and you can’t see the fine details so I was okay with it not looking perfect.

The result is fantastic!!

I didn’t have a pretty curtain rod handy, (just one of those cheap white ones) so I went even CHEAPER and used 3 nails. Beauty on a budget!! 😉 I nailed one on each side and one in the middle. Then I wrapped the fabric around each nail to make it look like a pretty knot and made it drape down.

The “knots”

I am so incredibly proud of this project. It was easy, it was essentially free because all the supplies were just around the house, and it looks fantastic.


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