Gwen’s Birthday and More

Let’s just get all this out of the way…

First, Happy New Year to everyone! I hope the first month of the year has been a great start for everyone. Second, I cannot, repeat CANNOT, believe that it’s been 3 months since I wrote a blog entry. I am so slacking. I have so much to talk about but I don’t want to put it all in one blog post so….

The title, Gwen’s Birthday. If you didn’t know, Gwen is my daughter and she just turned 6. Holy moley! Where did the time go? And you probably won’t believe what my sassy thing wanted for her 6th birthday; her ears pierced, for the second time. Of course she’s my child. I have mine pierced all the way up and have stretched ears. But when she asked me I about had a heart attack. After a good week of thinking it over my husband and I decided it was okay. But I wanted to give her something to unwrap at her party so of course I painted something for her.


Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony, the Equestria Girl and the Pony. She LOVED it!! And now I have some of my art hanging in her room. It was also my first time that I signed the bottom of a piece with MOM rather than Chrissy.

So after I posted this on my Facebook page I got two requests for more painting! YEAH BUSINESS!! So next week I am going to be painting Draculaura (Monster High) and some other basic canvases (shapes, stripes, names) for a playroom. So exciting!!

Okay, the MORE part of the title. I have done a couple other projects since last year that I want to share in another post and I also want to post about my guest speaker thing I did with some Boy Scouts. So, I am going to finish doing some other important “wife and mom” things and get to those hopefully in the next couple days.


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