Even though we are almost to the third month of the new year, I am setting some goals for myself in the crafting world. Numero one, blog once a week. It may seem easy but apparently, judging by the lack of post since late January, it’s hard for me. So here’s to sitting down at least once a week to write something. Someone told me that I could just post a photo and let that speak for itself, and some weeks I may do that, but I do love to write so we will see. Numero two, have at least one painting project per month. Painting is, after all, my favorite art. And when you see this most recent one you will see how much work I put into it. I love it. And so, I would LOVE to try to get a paying gig once a month. But if I don’t, I am going to try really, really hard to paint something for myself. Number three, take more pictures. This one may seem silly because I snap at least 5 pictures a day on my phone, so let me explain. I want to get my “good” camera out and take more photography-type pictures. I decided to the other day and look what happened.


I had some free “alone” time during the evening, the lighting was right, the desert flowers were in bloom, and I took frame-able photos.

And now I’m full circle, back to the more blogging part. I really need to keep this up because while I was scrolling through old photos on my camera, I saw that I never blogged about my anniversary gift for my husband. I also never blogged about my guest speaker thing I did. Grrr! Maybe a reminder would work. I don’t know. But here’s my most recent painting.


A customer saw my My Little Pony painting and asked me to paint Draculaura from Monster High as a gift for her niece. She was so much fun to paint. A lot of work, but super fun.


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