Posting to Facebook…A Quick How-To…or Not-To

I get it, you’re being social. We all do it. We all post things about our life. Whether you’re the constant sharer, the constant whiner, the baby photographer, the pet photographer, or the constant #selfie poster, you are being social and we get it.

I like to think I am pretty active on social media; I post at least every other day. I post a bit of everything from pictures of my daughter for my family to see, recipes you just have to try, and funny things I see. What I really try NOT to do is be negative. If I am going to be negative I will always make it funny. Like this post from last Friday…

Dear Allied Gardens drivers,

News flash! It’s not all about you. You aren’t the only people utilizing the streets.

Quick tips for when you’re approaching a corner: 1. Don’t just roll through the crosswalk. 2. Look around as you approach the corner, don’t just stare at the stop light. 3. Before you roll through the stop sign, look both ways.

Sincerely yours,
The runner who had to wave at multiple people to make sure they saw me before I even attempted to cross in front of them this morning

See what I did there? I was being funny about almost dying.

But just today, seriously in one morning, I’ve seen so much negative. The first post I saw was a video actually showing a woman hitting her baby with a pillow. WTF is that about? Not only do I not want to see that, why are you posting that? Why are you sharing that for other people to see? In sharing that did you prevent a crime? Because you shared that did that lady go to jail? Did you feel good about sharing that? Do you think it made other people happy to see that? If you answered “NO” to any of those you do not need to post that crap. Second story was about a teenager found hanging herself at a playground. Again, why post this? Really, what is the point of spreading that story around? It sure as hell didn’t have a happy ending. And then I know you all have that one friend (or a bunch of them) that wants you to feel sorry for them and all they ever feel is negative. I get it. Life sucks. Bills suck. Being in a shitty relationship sucks. Is it just that it makes you feel better that everyone knows? You know what it makes me think? “Oh well. I’m going to continue living my own life.” If stuff is really that bad, find a therapist. Find a best friend to vent to. Write in a diary. Your Facebook feed is not the place for that.

Now, I already know what’s coming. You’re going to say one of two things. 1.”YES!!!! Finally someone says this!” OR 2.”Just delete me. I’m my own person and I can do whatever I want.” I’m okay with both of those. I do delete people and I also hide people, A LOT. And I’m not getting mad at anyone. I’m just saying that maybe people wouldn’t be so negative if it wasn’t in their face every day. Maybe if you stop posting negative stuff you won’t feel so negative. Try that whole philosophy about, “If I want something I just have to imagine myself with it.” Try that with being positive. If I want people to see me as positive I have to be positive. Just try it. And if you just can’t convince yourself to think like that, check out this chart I made. Before you hit the share button, check the chart.

I went ahead and added the most frequently posted items to the list.

Posting for dummies


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