I’m back?

As usual, I make a blog writing goal and then fail. I looked today and I haven’t written an entry since 2014. I think the reason my last attempt failed is because I tried to focus on crafting and art only instead of just writing. I could also blame being part of the PTA and the Girl Scout leader; I didn’t have much time for anything with those two things in my life last year. And because the new focus of this blog is going to be ME, I can also add that in all honesty, marriage was hard last year and if I was to write anything, it may not have been 100% positive. Plus, I don’t like to talk about that kind of stuff but I just did and I broke my own rule and oh well, it’s my time to write.

So, here’s a quick update on me. Since my last blog post, my family has moved from sunny and hot Arizona back to the east coast. We now live in Virginia in a great brick house about 20 miles from anything. We are testing out the country living lifestyle and we are loving it!! My daughter rides the bus everyday because we only have one car and that means I am 100% a stay-at-home mom and wife (because I literally can’t leave) and no more Girl Scouts or PTA. I don’t run as much as I used to because there aren’t any places to run around here. We live on a highway (unsafe to run on), there aren’t any sidewalks (a quirk of the east coast), and there aren’t any parks or anything within (safe) walking distance. We have a TON of land and my husband mowed me a running track, but I have come to realize that as much as I miss running, I am a bit of a running snob. Right now it’s just too darn cold, the ground is super soggy from rain and melting snow, there is still snow on the ground, and it’s cold. 55 degrees and humid is pretty ideal running conditions, not 30 and dry. Since I can’t run, I do other things. After I had been in Arizona for about a year, I started taking a yoga class taught by a friend. I got hooked. Now yoga is pretty much my life. I am always trying new things and trying to get closer to calling myself a “yogi”. When I’m not doing yoga, I’m doing other sorts of exercises, reading books, learning about all the history that surrounds us here in VA, helping my daughter find her missing lego piece, taking care of my two mutts and new cat, trying to continue to eat healthy, and busy being an admin of my health and wellness group on Facebook.

Basically, I am the exact same person I was a couple years ago, except I am a bit thinner, more flexible, and slightly more knowledgeable about U.S. history. I still do art, just not as often, so if you liked my blog for just the art, well, start to like it for other reasons. New year, new blog name, new posts! I am not setting a goal this time but I do hope to be back writing more often then before.

Oh, if you want a little more insight into the “Life of a Chrissy” (good new name?) follow me on Instagram @chrissyq02. I’m fun, I promise!


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