City Folk Living the Country Life #FarmlifeFriday

This mornings edition of #FarmlifeFriday comes to you from my phone while I sit in the backyard enjoying the early day sun and watch my birds as they roam around in the cut-down corn fields. I just looked up and saw my 4 ducks headed back, all in a row, to get a drink and a bath. One of my dogs is also out here somewhere on an adventure, probably getting covered in ticks. Ugh.

My husband and I both grew up in San Diego and enjoyed the city life. Fast paced, never stopping, lights, and chaos. We never thought we’d enjoy the country life as much as we do. But man, do we love it. I still have that city girl in me, and we do spend time in the city here in Virginia and act like hipsters, but we have fully embraced the slower, laid-back, outdoorsy, country lifestyle. So here’s a couple things that are totally new to us.

Corn fields and combines!



Here’s me about 2 months ago showing off how crazy tall the corn was. The house we rent is on 140 acres. I’d estimate that we maintain about 3 while the rest is leased out for crops. We were completely surrounded by corn this summer. It was our natural privacy fence. But, that had to come to end. 😢


We woke up last week to this giant monster in the front yard. What a neat contraption this is. City folk don’t know how awesome this thing is. It chops down the corn stalk, strips the ears of the kernals, then spits out the husks and cobs. Then it empties all the bright yellow corn into a truck that totes it off to a factory.


But unfortunately, after all that fun, you are left with 100+ acres of nothing and no more privacy.


No more naked strolls in the yard.

But the birds sure love it.


Sometimes they even come back with souvineers.


Something else new to us is hunting. Sure, people in California hunt but we never had. Fishing was about the extent of our “hunting and gaming”. But to go along with our desire to be self-sustaining, hunting your own food is right up our alley. Cue, sunflowers.


Along the west side of or driveway was a beautiful patch of sunflowers. When they dry out and die, doves love them. The owners of our house love dove hunting. Last weekend was opening day of dove season, so our yard was full of real-tree clad men and boys ready to shoot some lunch. 20160903_125551

I won’t scar your eyeballs with photos of deceased doves. Instead, here’s the hub all geared up for his first time hunting. He shot a total of 6 doves and 1 city dove, aka pigeon. Not bad for his first time. I followed him out carrying the shotgun, fully intending on trying my hand at the sport, but there were too many “rules”, and the idea of shooting a moving target made me think I would just be wasting ammo. So I left the hunting up to him.


I did enjoy the spoils of the hunt though. On the top of the grill are dove breasts wrapped in bacon sitting in onion cups. They were pretty tasty. And how awesome to hunt your food, prepare your food, and eat your food right in the front yard. Farm to table, or err, sky to table? You know what I mean. My daughter and I watched the process of “breasting” the birds and then helped with the cooking. We like to think we’re giving her a healthy City Bumpkin upbringing; an equal dose of both the city and the country.

This weekend we are doing something else new and going to a Hoedown on a horse ranch. I’m guessing it’s like a fair at someone’s house. Fun times will be had!!


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