Much Bendy! So Bend! #NamasteTuesday

I’m totes sticking to my blogging goal so far!! How are you guys liking my #FarmlifeFriday posts? Since I do more than sit around with my birds, I decided to add another day to my weekly blogging.

Welcome to #NamasteTuesday!! My weekly yoga post!! Hope you enjoy.

In my “About Me” section I mention that I love Instagram. It’s true. I do. Not only do I love the fun filters that make me look purdy when I actually look haggard, there’s something different about the community of IG. I follow friends but I also follow a lot of yogis. These are my people even if I don’t actually know them. There’s something different about people who embrace the yoga lifestyle. And yes, it is a lifestyle. Yoga is not just about stretching and exercise to a lot of people. Yoga can become a way of life. Yoga has changed me, and the people I follow are like minded and share the same “beliefs” as me. (I use the weird beliefs because it’s the only word I could think of, but I don’t mean that in a religious aspect).

One thing I’ve changed in the last month or two is how I share things on Facebook. An acquaintance of mine mentioned that she hasn’t seen any fitness updates on my page in a while. I said, “that’s because my friends don’t care about that shit.” I don’t know if this is 100% true because they should care about things that I’m passionate about, but I don’t like pushing things in people faces. I don’t like to constantly update about my fitness routines, my healthy food, or my yoga because I imagine people are like, “We get it. You don’t eat junk food anymore and you do yoga.” But IG is different. On IG it’s encouraged. To me, it’s basically a blog in pictures. And when you follow the right people or #hashtag it right so people see your stuff, you get some really amazing positivity and encouragement.

I’ve seen “challenges” on IG a lot but never participated. Some of the yogis who do the challenges are quite intimidating. There are lots of handstand challenges that I cannot join because I don’t handstand. There are lots of balance challenges that I don’t join because I’m just starting to dip in to the arm balances. But about a month ago I saw a backbend challenge. I was sold!! Backbends are my most favorite!

It was a week of getting bendy and it was titled #SoulShineYogis. These challenges don’t actually have winners, they’re just a way to challenge yourself, promote businesses and yogis, and grow your network/community on IG. Below is my week of bends.


Just this last weekend I started a new backbend challenge called #Bentyogis. The poses in this challenge are a bit more, well, challenging. But I’m having a blast and “meeting” so many new yogis. It’s really amazing.

Here’s a sneak peek. This pose is called Alien and it is funky. 👽



I was about to publish this and realized I didn’t even plug myself. @chrissyq02 💜 Follow if you like!

I’m off to go put my birds back in the coop and start my day. Have a great rest of the week. See you Friday… Or maybe another day in between. 😉


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