Little bit of This Yoga, Little Bit of That Yoga #NamasteTuesday

This last week was neat. I helped my best friend sleep better by teaching her breathing exercises over the phone. She’s in Hawaii and I’m in Virginia but I was able to talk her through and give her some insight on breathing, and how its associated with yoga of course, and she slept a lot better. I also had two different friends text me and say, “I need your help getting started with yoga. I need more zen in my life.” People asking me for help is just so wonderful. Besides the obvious personal benefits of practicing yoga, one of my favorite parts is sharing it with others. It’s why I drive to a tiny little community center on Tuesday nights to teach even when only person is going to show up. I love teaching, not only for the experience, but because I love to share yoga with others.

Last Tuesday I said I’d write about the last challenge I did. So here goes. I participated in a two-week backbend challenge called #Bentyogis. Man, was it awesome. The first challenge I did was definitely fun, but that one lacked the diversity of this one. In this challenge, each host showed a different variation of each pose and usually gave directions on how to do them. I wasn’t just back-bending during the challenge, I was bending and twisting in ways I never have before. I loved every second. I was pushing myself and learning new things and practicing others. There were some poses I had done before so I took a fun variation. There were some poses I had tried but couldn’t quite do previously so I took a variation. There were some that you look at and think, “That looks easy,” and then you start and you’re like, “Wait! How is my leg supposed to even do that?” If I had to sum up this challenge in one word it would easily be CHALLENGING. Below is a collage of some of the poses.


I think my favorite pose out of this challenge was king or royal pigeon.” This is a pose I include in my everyday practice. I think it is incredibly beautiful as well as a great bend and stretch. Since I had done this pose before I looked to one of the hosts for a variation and found the bound variation. It just made the pose even more beautiful.


Another king or full pose was dancer. This is one I have been struggling with. For one, my legs don’t quite split to the point where I need them and it is a challenge on my shoulders to reach back. So in this challenge I used a strap but I said in my caption, “I will grab my foot by the end of 2016.”


Last Thursday I was at home doing my yoga thing. There are some days when I go into my flow knowing something specific I want to include or practice. Most days I just start and go with the flow and do whatever feels good and feels right. Without even thinking, I got into dancer and then reached back and like magic, grabbed my foot and got into full dancer. I held it for a total of 0.0000004 seconds but I was there. (I did it twice so I could take a photo and show my bff)


When I was finished, I posted it to IG, duh, and I wrote that I now know what people mean when they say something feels “organic.” That’s how this felt. I didn’t feel like I was forced to try this or that I needed to try it. It just happened. I just progressed through my flow and it happened.

This week is a regular week for me but next week I’m dashing off to California for a wedding. Besides being excited about that, I’m crazy excited because I can go to Core Power Yoga while I’m there. I won’t have a ton of time to go more that once, but I am making the time to get to a C2 class. I am not sure if I wrote about it before but I had the chance to check out the studio over the summer and those were my people. I feel at home when I’m there. Guys, I’ve literally been only three times. Maybe it’s because I am “home” in San Diego, maybe it’s the way they teach, maybe it’s the humidity they drown you in (even in regular class not just hot yoga), or maybe it’s just the type of yogis. I can’t explain it too much but I can’t wait to be “home”.


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