PeeWee & The Ducks #FarmlifeFriday

Update since last post… Daisy is a freeloader again. Could be the cold spell we had, not sure. I’ve gone in to talk with her and coddled her, but she isn’t listening to my kind words. My husband has been gone and he’s the one who gets to enjoy her eggs every morning, so maybe HE’S the one who needs to sit down with her and talk some sense into her. SSDD with the other chickens.

I talk about the chickens a lot, but what about the ducks? First, boy do they stink!! And do you know how long it takes them to turn fresh water in a kiddie pool into a poop pool? I’ll tell you. It takes exactly 10 seconds. Holy moley! I thought having the pool in the run would provide not only duck fun but also another water supply for the chickens. I was extremely wrong. Upside? Once spring rolls around again we’ll have nice duck poop water to water the garden.

When I started this Farmlife blog I mentioned PeeWee, our runt duck. I’m finally going to post about him. We got him along with our others, all at the same time. We quickly learned he was the runt. As the ducks turned from yellow to white and started to grow, he didn’t. He was picked on by the chickens and always ran over at the food bowl. We decided we could name him because he was easy to distinguish from the others. Then we started to notice he didn’t look like his brothers and sisters.


We’ve read about frizzled chickens… Could he be a frizzled duck? We Googled it and asked all the bird forums and they all said the same two things; either he was a goose (there’s a kind that looks like that) or he was one of a kind. The way we described him was that he looked like he was wearing his big brother’s hand-me-down feathers. He was the Harry Potter of ducks.


One thing we knew for sure, he was a boy. When we decided to get ducks the main purpose, besides pets, was eggs. We love duck eggs. But how can you tell if you have boys or girls? Well, girl ones are loud. Duh! Typical females. They have a very loud QUACK. Boy ducks have a raspy quack or even lack a quack. PeeWee lacked a quack. He sounded like dogs that have had their voice boxes removed. The other way is the drake feather. It’s one little feather on the boy ducks butt that curls up.


PeeWee has the most distinct drake feather to go with his silent quack.

Time has gone by, PeeWee has finally grown into his feathers…


And we’ve figured out that out of four ducks, we have only one flippin’ female. So much for loads of eggs. Three have the drake feather, and one is a loud mouth. But, hopefully by spring she will start laying. By then maybe Hagrid will lay, too. And we’re still holding out for the French girls to start back up.

Happy Friday!! 🐔🐤


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