DIY Christmas

It’s pretty safe to say that every Christmas I am going to make you a present. From painting to sewing to jewelry making, your present is most likely going to be homemade and from the heart. This year was no different, but I also made a ton of other holiday items.

I made my LDYBFF a whole jewelry set this year. I found some awesome charms at the store and just went to town. I made us matching mismatch earrings, an Om ring (something I made years ago for a customer and decided to revamp), a drop necklace, and a  “thing” to hang somewhere. The “thing” isn’t necessarily a keychain but you’ll get it when you see it.


I made some other presents but those haven’t been gifted yet so I am going to wait to share those. I am still in the process of making my daughter’s quilt. It’s coming along just great and it’s going to be extremely unique. I don’t ever really measure when I sew, I have also NOT had any training, so none of my rows line up and I have to piece together the back, but you know what? It’s going to look awesome, feel awesome, be super warm, and I know my daughter is going to love it. Stay tuned.

Next on the DIY list is stuff for my daughter for her last week of school. They had a spirit week and I just went to town! We went to the dollar store to get items for the “Tacky Sweater” day and then I used those to make all kinds of other things.

So, day 1, tacky sweater. You can buy those at almost every store nowadays, but it’s so much better to make your own. And my daughter won the contest for most creative. You’re welcome!


Kind of a blurry photo, but she has a Christmas tree on one side, a gingerbread man on the other, and bows! Lots of bows!!


Then on the back, more bows and bells!!! Hot glue, dollar store, a few craft supplies, and an old sweater. Tacky awesomeness!

Then I used the left over bows and presents to make earrings. Oh, and the big green bow headband. One day was “red and green” day and my daughter wanted to buy a new red dress to wear. But then she just had to have something green. So we’re walking around Target arguing and another mom walked up and said, “what about a bow or a headband or something?” Bingo!! Thanks, random mom!! I already had the headband, so we bought a huge bow, glued it to the headband, and then glued a bell in the middle so she was jingly. She was very happy with that. #winning!!

A few Saturday’s ago we attended a ranch style Christmas party and I was in charge of helping the kids make snow globes. This was really awesome and all the kids loved it. Here’s what you need. A mason jar, sand paper, figurines, super glue, water, and glitter. Pretty easy!! All you do is sand the top of the lid, glue your figurine on the lid (let it dry at least 15 minutes), fill the jar with glitter and water, put the lid on tight, and shake!


The last item on my DIY list was a Starbucks ornament. I am sure Starbucks would be mad to know I made this for FREE but I give them so much of my money that I deserve something free.

I already have 2 Starbucks ornaments, the little espresso mug and the red cup, but I don’t drink those things. I don’t drink coffee period. So I wanted one that really represented me. I only drink cold drinks but they don’t sell an ornament that’s a plastic cup, so I had to improvise. I was standing and waiting for my drink and I noticed that this particular store decorated their counter with lights and the lights were inside mini plastic cups. I asked about them and they are tester cups. I asked, “Can I have one of those please?” Grabbed a small green straw, went home, cut the straw to size, and glued it to the bottom. Added some ribbon, personalized it with my name and my favorite drink order (I should have spelled my name wrong to make it more authentic, LOL!!), and hung it on the tree.



Check back next week to see the quilt!!! Merry Christmas, everyone!!!


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