“Hope Jewelry”

Chrissy’s Creative Creations is proud to (finally) present, my newest jewelry venture, Hope Jewelry!! YAY!!!

I don’t think I have blogged about the horse ranch at all, so let me give you a bit of story first… Last summer, while teaching yoga, I met a couple girls. One continued coming to class and later invited my family to her sister’s horse ranch for a Hoe Down to promote her non-profit organization. I immediately was excited to just be invited somewhere and possibly have some new friends (Isn’t it hard to make friends as an adult?). We went and had an absolute blast. We are not horse people but my daughter was drawn to them. She immediately ran over to get a ride and got on like a pro. It looked like she had been riding horses all her life. So of course we wanted to find out more. Turns out this program is a FREE program. Did you read that? FREE!! We still don’t know how this is possible but it is. So we got Gwen signed up.

Flash forward, we are now friends with the ranchers and I volunteer there. To be really clear on how “friendly” we are now, I practically live there. I am always finding reasons to go hang out, whether it’s ranch related or just girl-time related. The ranch has become a huge part of our lives. I am not volunteering with the horses but I am volunteering with the “Rancher Program” that focuses on gardening, farm stuff, and crafting for kids, who for various reasons, can’t or don’t want to be around horses. If you want to get a closer look, click this —-> Reining Hope

One day I was asked if I wanted to sell some of my jewelry at the ranch. Of course my answer was yes, but I thought that an even better idea would be to make special jewelry that is tied to the ranch and have the profits go right back to the ranch. That way people can support the ranch but also see my handy work and maybe hire me at another time. “Hope Jewelry” was born.


I am currently selling earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces that all tie into the ranch. Here is a list of what’s for sale with photos (not all items listed have photos. You’ll have to go to my craft page for that)

Earrings: $10. You can choose between earrings that say “HOPE” in hand-bent wire, or dangle earrings with various beads and a horseshoe.


Rings: $10. All hand-bent, silver plated copper wire, in the shape of the words “Hope” or “RH” (Reining Hope)


Bracelets: $15. Hand-bent wire to say “Hope”, I ❤ RH, and I ❤ Horses. These are all made with one end of the chain longer to have a dangly horseshoe on the end to add some flare.


Necklaces: $20. The words are the same as the bracelets but just in necklace form. In addition to the hand-bent wire words, I also made hammered wire horseshoes. I literally hammer the round wire to be flat, wrap the tops with wire, and make them into a charm for a necklace. So far those have been the best seller.


If you are interested in supporting myself and the ranch and buying any jewelry, hop on over to my craft page and shoot me a message. I’ll have everything listed shortly. Shipping is included in the price, but just know that all remaining profits go right back to Reining Hope.


Everything on display at the ranch


Just to continue plugging myself, here’s my other latest wire projects. I have a friend getting married (like, almost right this moment) and she asked me to make her a hanger with her new name, and necklaces for her flower girls.



Happy Thursday, everyone! Thanks for reading!! ❤


DIY Christmas Part 2

I can’t believe I forgot to post about this stuff! Well, I take that back. I CAN in fact believe it because I have been all kinds of busy since winter arrived. My daughter was home and I was trying to keep us busy, and since my husband has actually been home since mid December we have been keeping really busy. It’s been fabulous. Even when we are busy doing nothing we are really enjoying it and not spending time on social media. So, I can believe I haven’t been blogging. But now that we are on snow day number 2 and looking at number 3 tomorrow, I have that time to sit and blog. So… here we go.

I posted about some of the things I made for Christmas presents this year but there are a bunch I didn’t because I didn’t want to ruin surprises, or I wasn’t done yet =cough, daughter’s quilt, cough=.

First up, a pair of mugs. I had seen these on one of those Facebook ads and immediately thought of a friend in Arizona. I went to dollar tree for the mugs, used my glass paint (the kind you bake so it’s permanent), and sent them off. Simple but awesome! I knew they’d be perfect.


Next up is a jewelry set I was commissioned to make. Have I said lately that returning customers are my absolute fave? Seriously. They are what keep me going in my “business” and I’m so incredibly grateful. Back to the jewelry. The recipient is an “aunt” to a beautiful young girl named Leann. So I made her a bracelet with her name and a matching pair of blue earrings. The blue and crystal beads on the clasp side of the bracelet really add something special while keeping weight on that side so the name is always on top.

Next up is something I did not make, but rather something I received. I told my husband I wanted a new address book and planner for Christmas. I had no idea what he and my daughter had in store for me. They bought simple books but went online to find handmade paper to cover the books in. The pink and purple are hand-marbled and the inside covers are cotton paper. They are extremely unique and they did all the work so they are extra super special!!!

Last on the list is the quilt I finally finished for my daughter. She LOVES it! It’s thick and warm and she has covered up with it every night since.

The quilted part is big squares of a bunch of her favorite things. There is a layer of felt under that. Then the back and binding is a piece of fleece. She loves to cover up with the fleece side and then she can see the quilted side.


Next up for Chrissy’s Creative Creations is a commissioned baby set for the same lady who commissioned the bracelet and earrings. #returningcustomer!!! Stay tuned!

DIY Christmas

It’s pretty safe to say that every Christmas I am going to make you a present. From painting to sewing to jewelry making, your present is most likely going to be homemade and from the heart. This year was no different, but I also made a ton of other holiday items.

I made my LDYBFF a whole jewelry set this year. I found some awesome charms at the store and just went to town. I made us matching mismatch earrings, an Om ring (something I made years ago for a customer and decided to revamp), a drop necklace, and a  “thing” to hang somewhere. The “thing” isn’t necessarily a keychain but you’ll get it when you see it.


I made some other presents but those haven’t been gifted yet so I am going to wait to share those. I am still in the process of making my daughter’s quilt. It’s coming along just great and it’s going to be extremely unique. I don’t ever really measure when I sew, I have also NOT had any training, so none of my rows line up and I have to piece together the back, but you know what? It’s going to look awesome, feel awesome, be super warm, and I know my daughter is going to love it. Stay tuned.

Next on the DIY list is stuff for my daughter for her last week of school. They had a spirit week and I just went to town! We went to the dollar store to get items for the “Tacky Sweater” day and then I used those to make all kinds of other things.

So, day 1, tacky sweater. You can buy those at almost every store nowadays, but it’s so much better to make your own. And my daughter won the contest for most creative. You’re welcome!


Kind of a blurry photo, but she has a Christmas tree on one side, a gingerbread man on the other, and bows! Lots of bows!!


Then on the back, more bows and bells!!! Hot glue, dollar store, a few craft supplies, and an old sweater. Tacky awesomeness!

Then I used the left over bows and presents to make earrings. Oh, and the big green bow headband. One day was “red and green” day and my daughter wanted to buy a new red dress to wear. But then she just had to have something green. So we’re walking around Target arguing and another mom walked up and said, “what about a bow or a headband or something?” Bingo!! Thanks, random mom!! I already had the headband, so we bought a huge bow, glued it to the headband, and then glued a bell in the middle so she was jingly. She was very happy with that. #winning!!

A few Saturday’s ago we attended a ranch style Christmas party and I was in charge of helping the kids make snow globes. This was really awesome and all the kids loved it. Here’s what you need. A mason jar, sand paper, figurines, super glue, water, and glitter. Pretty easy!! All you do is sand the top of the lid, glue your figurine on the lid (let it dry at least 15 minutes), fill the jar with glitter and water, put the lid on tight, and shake!


The last item on my DIY list was a Starbucks ornament. I am sure Starbucks would be mad to know I made this for FREE but I give them so much of my money that I deserve something free.

I already have 2 Starbucks ornaments, the little espresso mug and the red cup, but I don’t drink those things. I don’t drink coffee period. So I wanted one that really represented me. I only drink cold drinks but they don’t sell an ornament that’s a plastic cup, so I had to improvise. I was standing and waiting for my drink and I noticed that this particular store decorated their counter with lights and the lights were inside mini plastic cups. I asked about them and they are tester cups. I asked, “Can I have one of those please?” Grabbed a small green straw, went home, cut the straw to size, and glued it to the bottom. Added some ribbon, personalized it with my name and my favorite drink order (I should have spelled my name wrong to make it more authentic, LOL!!), and hung it on the tree.



Check back next week to see the quilt!!! Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

Cyber Monday Sale!!


All my jewelry is 50% off today!! Hop on over to my Facebook page, Chrissy’s Creative Creations, and browse the “For Sale” album! Happy Shopping!!

It’s My Anniversary!

My husband and I are celebrating 13 years of marriage today! Well, we aren’t actually celebrating because he isn’t here, #militarylife. He’s on a trip and won’t be back until tomorrow. But that’s cool. We’ll see each other tomorrow and celebrate.

The last 2 days have been spent revamping the blog, yet again. I sat and went through every single post I’ve made since the beginning in 2012. It was time consuming but actually really awesome. I may not have blogged as often as I kept saying I wanted to, but I do have some pretty good ones in there and a lot of great projects I forgot about. It inspired me to get back into crafty blogging. Which is what this post is about.

Last year we celebrated 12 years of marriage and being the cheeseball that I am, I like to try to do traditional gifts. Let me rephrase… after our 10 year anniversary when I made a really super awesome gift encompassing 10 years worth of traditional gifts (that I really need to blog about because I never did), I decided to try to stick to traditional each year. 12 years is linens. I did not want to go out and buy new bedsheets or something, so I made my husband a quilt with old tshirts.


The bottom right corner is a white tshirt where I wrote a special message (pictured on the corner). Fun right?

Because we are a 1-car family and I didn’t really think about this gift ahead of time, I had to work with whatever I had in the house. I didn’t have felt or batting for the inside and I didn’t have enough tshirts for a backside, so I found an old blanket that we weren’t using. I cut it to size and used that as the backing. It worked out well. I only broke 2 sewing needles in the process of trying to sew the super thick edges. I think I remember having to hand-sew one or two of the edges because I ended up not having more sewing needles. Good times!! But it’s an awesome, and warm, blanket!

This year the traditional gift is lace. I am not buying my husband lace so I went nontraditional and painted him a picture. You guys have seen the Pixar short called Lava right? Go ahead, click the link and watch it real quick…..Super adorable right? Well, again, we are cheeseballs and totally love it so I painted it. But shhhhh….don’t tell him. I’ll give him the canvas tomorrow. 😉


If you’re interested in seeing updates for my blogs on Facebook, give me a LIKE. I just made a new page yesterday. @thelifeofachrissy


Yoga & Art: When Passions Meet #NamasteTuesday

When we first moved here to Virginia, my husband wanted me to have my own space for yoga. He knew, before me really, how much it meant to me and how having my own space was going to make me happy. The house we moved in to was rather small but I had my own space. I had a section of our bedroom just for yoga. It was great. I decorated it how I wanted and it was MY space.

When we moved into the current house (we had to move because the owner of the first one wanted to move back in his house) I was going to have a craft/yoga room! Both of my passions inside one big room. Woohoo!!! Once I started unpacking and figuring out where everything was going to go I realized that my space was getting smaller and smaller. My husband said, “Why don’t you just have a craft room AND a yoga room?” Seriously, could I love him any more? Two rooms just for me? And that was the end of that and the beginning of the west side of the house being all for me.

When I first started practicing yoga I never thought it would become a passion and consume a lot of my life. Maybe I just needed my own room. I spend more time in this room than any other in the house. And it’s decorated with things that mean the most to me. Race paraphernalia, a poster of The Rock, and art.


Along that far wall are all art pieces done by myself or my friends. Before I ditched cable I used to watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Yolanda had a wall of canvases in her house and each one was painted by someone in her family or friends. She even had a painting party when her daughter was moving so that she could make her her own wall. I fell in love with this idea. For my birthday in 2015 I had a painting party! I had my closest girlfriends over and we spent the day painting. Their paintings were my gifts (those are all the small ones). The top and bottom canvases were done at Wine Nights in Arizona, the ones where everyone drinks and paints the same picture. And then I have these…


My daughter spent the summer in San Diego with my parents and I had a lot of free time. Since painting is my first passion, I thought I’d spend some time painting for me. I don’t usually do that. When thinking about what to paint of course my first thought was yoga. But what to do. I started by drawing an outline of someone doing Warrior 2. The ideas started flowing from there. I decided to look up the chakras and see which one coincided with that pose. Then I had to try more poses. I picked two more of my favorites; dancer and king cobra.


While I was researching chakras I learned that wheel, also known as bridge, upward facing bow, or a backbend, is thought to align all 7 chakras. If you don’t know already, a basic backbend is by far my most favorite pose and learning it’s chakra alignment made me extremely excited. I searched around the craft room for more canvas and found a big one. SCORE! And then I needed a model.


Who better to model than myself? I’ve never done any sort of self-portrait work. This isn’t exactly a portrait, but it’s based on me and I think I did pretty good.



At the end of my last yoga blog I talked about my Instagram backbend challenges. I just finished a two-week long one and I am going to post about that next week! I had such a wonderful time.

But to finish this post, I’ll leave you with this photo. My bff, Isis, and I doing scorpion pose. This is part of a series we do that we call “long distance yoga bffs.”


A Bit of Fabric and a Splash of Paint

I was pretty busy this last week. I finally sat down and did some stuff just for me; I did a couple projects I keep saying I’m going to and just haven’t got around to yet. Well, I got around to them, I finished them, and I am happy. That’s what important right?

Project numero uno… I have a friend who is about to become a daddy. His baby’s theme is Monsters Inc (soooo cute) so I made him a changing pad, wipe holder and some burp cloths.


Isn’t the eyeball ribbon a super cute addition? I also found some fleece and had a piece cut for him to use as a blanket (not pictured). There are so many cute fabrics at Joann Fabrics right now, I could go insane. SEW ALL THE THINGS!!!

Sticking with the sewing theme, I finally finished my Day of the Dead quilt. I have SO much fabric in this theme. I make a point to always check for something new whenever I go to the fabric store. Plus, whenever my mom goes to the fabric store in San Diego she always checks their DOTD section there and grabs me something. So what to do with all this fabric? I can continue to make things for my kitchen like place mats and pot holders, or I can let the kitchen theme spill into other parts of the house. That sounds like more fun to me. But before I finished the quilt I decided to give some pillows a makeover.

I have two pillows that are old and kind of funky. You know, the stuffing is weird from being washed and they don’t have a great shape anymore. I decided that it was either the trash or a makeover. Makeover won and they look awesome.



Even Tony approves 🙂

And now for the quilt. This is my first time making a full-size, big enough to cover up with size quilt. It has a couple measuring flaws because I eyeball measure, but it’s still 100% pure awesomesauce. The front is big squares, a couple rows of smaller solid color squares, and the back is Loteria (Mexican Bingo) fabric. It’s big enough to cover the bottom part of my queen size bed. But I use it on the couch to cover up with when I’m snugglin’ with the hub and watching TV.




Great right? I think so!! And I’ve never taken a class on quilting or anything.

When I finished my sewing projects I moved onto painting. My daughter’s school is getting a little makeover. The biggest part of the revamp is a new teachers lounge. New paint, new furniture and new cabinets. The principal wanted to make it a place where teachers may actually want to go and lounge, not just eat lunch and stare at the ugly walls. Sorry, but the school is old and has never been updated so yes, it was ugly in there. Anyway, since I am on the PTO now I decided to add my flair to the lounge. I wanted to put something on the walls that would just be a nice touch, something fun to look at. Off to Pinterest for ideas!! I searched “teacher quotes” and copied some ideas I found.


This one has a side story. I was finished painting this one and then I immediately had to update my Facebook status. It said, “That moment you are painting something having to do with education and you misspell a word.” Yep, I was just so in the groove that I wasn’t paying attention and forgot the “N” in learning. Ugh! Instead of this one being white with blue letters, it turned out blue with white letters. Still cute.



I think the teachers will appreciate them.

The Mud Run and Then Some

It seems I always start blog posts out the same way…”I need to blog more.” But this time I am just going to forget that I suck at keeping up with these and get right to it.

Since my last post I have done a couple paintings that I would like to share first. The first one is Sea Filly, a seahorse from the HBO show, Rainbow Fish. She is my brother’s favorite character so I painted her on a canvas for his room.


The next is one character some of you may be tired of seeing. I haven’t had enough of Frozen yet and neither had my daughter’s kindergarten teacher. She gave me an awesome gift (a replica Padres jersey) so I painted for her in return.


I have a couple projects in the works right now. I am finally doing something with my day of the dead fabric I’ve been hoarding, lol. Every time I go to the fabric store I check to see if they have anything new even if I have never done anything with the fabric. So I am finally making a quilt. I have the whole squared top done and now I just have to put it all together with the batting and back. It’s coming along great; I just have to sit and finish it. I also have plans to make a quilt with some old Harley shirts my husband wants to save. I made some burp cloths last week and those are to go with a baby gift set I am making for an old friend who is about to become a daddy. His soon-to-be son’s room is going to be Monsters Inc theme and I just happened to find a couple different fabric options. Pretty awesome and soooo adorable!! So hopefully I’ll update with those sooner than all this.

Onto the Mud Run. Here‘s my recap of last years first if you want to read that first. Go ahead, I’ll wait. 😉
So this year was definitely harder. I run a ton more regularly than I did last year, but it was still tough. First off, they had a couple new obstacles or challenges. Dad and I ran together again and were off to an awesome start. 10312815_10152076529581176_2501760343150311849_n

We ran the first mile in just under 8 minutes. Then it happened. The first challenge. They had us do lunges for about 100 feet. And I didn’t half-ass those puppies either. But that was my mistake. I don’t do lunges normally so my legs were on fire the next 5 miles. So after that there is only one actual obstacle (the steeplechase) for the next 2ish miles. But those next 2 miles are an obstacle alone; hills. Nothing but uphill running. I heard someone say they call it the “Suicide Mile” or something really ominous like that. Well, I ran as much as could, walked some, but still made it the first 4 miles in about 44 minutes I think. Not terrible. Then the obstacles came. Tons of mud!! Fun of course, but remember those lunges? Oh yes, my legs sure did. Trudging through mud pits with sore thighs was no bueno. I slowed down a ton. Then we got to the slippery hill. Now this is not just a hill with mud and water coming down. This is a hill that is, no joke, straight up. Sprinklers are going and there are guys at the top with fire hoses. Saying it is slippery is an understatement. So of course the legs were giving out, so I told my dad I needed help. He grabbed my hand and pretty much pulled me up the hill while the guys at the top kept that fire hose pointed directly at me the ENTIRE time! Dad said, “No one left behind.” The guy responded with something like, “NO dry people allowed.” All I heard was, “I’m an asshole and I’m not going to stop spraying your daughter!” HAHA!! It’s all downhill running after that, maybe one or two more obstacles and then the home stretch. Here we are right before the last mud pit making a last effort to pass up those other runners.


And then the mud pit. This year we literally had to swim through it.

And then we had to do pushups. I did girly ones.

We finished in about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Last year we ran it in about 1 hour and 12 minutes. I had a mental goal to try to run it better than last year, but seriously, those lunges just set the tone for the entire race. But of course it was incredibly fun and I can’t wait for the next one.

Actually, dad and I have both talked about trying a regular race, not one of these “fun” ones, to see our potential. But my dad can just shut his mouth because he ran the same race the next weekend and killed it of course. He finished it in 59 minutes, 33 seconds, 1st in his age group and 12th overall. You read that right, 12. Out of a couple thousand people. He’s a beast!

The best part of the Mud Run? Watching my daughter run the 1K Kids Run after we were done. She is so awesome!!
This was right after she blew her daddy a kiss.

She looked so confused! So proud of that girl!!


Even though we are almost to the third month of the new year, I am setting some goals for myself in the crafting world. Numero one, blog once a week. It may seem easy but apparently, judging by the lack of post since late January, it’s hard for me. So here’s to sitting down at least once a week to write something. Someone told me that I could just post a photo and let that speak for itself, and some weeks I may do that, but I do love to write so we will see. Numero two, have at least one painting project per month. Painting is, after all, my favorite art. And when you see this most recent one you will see how much work I put into it. I love it. And so, I would LOVE to try to get a paying gig once a month. But if I don’t, I am going to try really, really hard to paint something for myself. Number three, take more pictures. This one may seem silly because I snap at least 5 pictures a day on my phone, so let me explain. I want to get my “good” camera out and take more photography-type pictures. I decided to the other day and look what happened.


I had some free “alone” time during the evening, the lighting was right, the desert flowers were in bloom, and I took frame-able photos.

And now I’m full circle, back to the more blogging part. I really need to keep this up because while I was scrolling through old photos on my camera, I saw that I never blogged about my anniversary gift for my husband. I also never blogged about my guest speaker thing I did. Grrr! Maybe a reminder would work. I don’t know. But here’s my most recent painting.


A customer saw my My Little Pony painting and asked me to paint Draculaura from Monster High as a gift for her niece. She was so much fun to paint. A lot of work, but super fun.

Gwen’s Birthday and More

Let’s just get all this out of the way…

First, Happy New Year to everyone! I hope the first month of the year has been a great start for everyone. Second, I cannot, repeat CANNOT, believe that it’s been 3 months since I wrote a blog entry. I am so slacking. I have so much to talk about but I don’t want to put it all in one blog post so….

The title, Gwen’s Birthday. If you didn’t know, Gwen is my daughter and she just turned 6. Holy moley! Where did the time go? And you probably won’t believe what my sassy thing wanted for her 6th birthday; her ears pierced, for the second time. Of course she’s my child. I have mine pierced all the way up and have stretched ears. But when she asked me I about had a heart attack. After a good week of thinking it over my husband and I decided it was okay. But I wanted to give her something to unwrap at her party so of course I painted something for her.


Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony, the Equestria Girl and the Pony. She LOVED it!! And now I have some of my art hanging in her room. It was also my first time that I signed the bottom of a piece with MOM rather than Chrissy.

So after I posted this on my Facebook page I got two requests for more painting! YEAH BUSINESS!! So next week I am going to be painting Draculaura (Monster High) and some other basic canvases (shapes, stripes, names) for a playroom. So exciting!!

Okay, the MORE part of the title. I have done a couple other projects since last year that I want to share in another post and I also want to post about my guest speaker thing I did with some Boy Scouts. So, I am going to finish doing some other important “wife and mom” things and get to those hopefully in the next couple days.

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