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A page for posts that are kinda general and just about stuff that may not have a specific category. Kind of like LIFE; a random bunch of stuff. Posts are randomly listed.


My Family. 10/2016

A good post to start with after a nice family photo… My Daughter was an Asshole (A post about our decision to take away her tablet)

Positivity: A How-to Guide

Embracing Change: A Love Story

It’s My Anniversary (2016)

The Christmas Spirit

Hello Blog World (My Very First Blog Post)

Rigger by Association (A post about marriage)

Dia De Los Muertos (2016)

I’m Back?  (My first of 2016 after not posting since 2014)

#I’m Hooked (I joined Instagram!)

Yuma and Me are Like Peas and Carrots

Feliz el Dia de los Muertos (2012)

It’s Been a fresh way (When WordPress made a big deal out of my blog post)

Funny Story

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