Yoga Stuff!! When I decided (one of the times) to revamp my blog, I wanted to find a way to post at least once a week about yoga. I came up with #NamasteTuesday and tried to dedicate Tuesdays of each week to write about yoga. It worked out great at first but I quickly realized that yoga posts don’t always happen on Tuesdays. So here are all my posts about yoga, some with the hashtag that I DID in fact write on Tuesdays, and others that happened other days of the week.

Posts are listed newest to oldest!


A Month of Firsts: YTT Part 1

From Guide to Teacher #NamasteTuesday

Winner! Winner!!

Happy Yogaversary to Me!!

Overflowing with Joy #NamasteTuesday

The Most Epic Yoga Transformation

I’m Broken

Aspire to Inspire

12 Days of Yogamas

Naked Yoga (Not Actual Nudity)

Thankful for Yoga

Yoga in a Chair

Bend it like Chrissy

Yoga Thursday

West Coast Yoga

Little Bit of This Yoga…

Yoga & Art: When Passions Meet

Much Bendy! So Bend

Yogi? Yogi in Training? (My very first yoga blog)


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