Winner! Winner!!

I didn’t eat my chicken for dinner!!! LOL!!! This is not a farm post; it’s a yoga post! I am a yoga winner!!

You know how I am always blogging about the yoga challenges on Instagram? Previously I always thought that the point of these challenges was just to promote, network, and work on yoga. I think I even wrote once that there was really no end game, this was just a way for me to practice poses I may not usually do. And I’ve made a lot of new “friends” and learned a lot from watching all kinds of different people do their own variations of the poses. Anyway…turns out there are winner of these challenges! What?! And guess who won? Yours truly!! Gah!! It was so awesome!


That’s me up there in the right hand corner!!! Of course as soon as I won I text Isis! Then my husband! I was happy with just being recognized! How awesome! Out of however many different people from all over the world who participated, they chose me as a winner! Awesome!! Then it got better. I learned that I would get a prize! I was totally expecting a gift certificate or a coupon. But no. I won a yoga wheel! No questions asked. (Well, they asked for my address. LOL!!) WHAT?!?!


This thing is awesome! I had never tried a wheel but had seen them used in various ways. This one is from and it’s amazeballs! It’s super strong and durable and has yoga mat all the way around for comfort and stability.

I didn’t even warm up before I used it. I just hopped right into a backbend and ohhhh emmmmm geeee!! It felt soooooooo good! I sighed the longest sigh of comfort!! I never knew I needed this wheel until today.


Currently doing two more yoga challenges this month. It’s making for a very well-rounded practice having to try all new things. And again, it is so rewarding just to participate, try new things, push myself, and have a blast with other yogis.

And I totally forgot,  I was gifted a new shirt yesterday.  It’s kinda the most perfect shirt ever. #hippiesoul



12 Days of Yogamas #NamasteTuesday

Happy New Year, everyone!!! Welcome to the first blog post of 2017!!! Right back at it!

Over the holiday break I wanted to do something fun with yoga. I decided to do the #12DaysofYogamas where I did a pose that sort of went along with the “12 Days of Christmas” song. I cheated and looked online for help when I couldn’t figure out what to do but it ended up pretty awesome. The best part? My good friend Shari joined me! She’s a new yogi and is already embracing yoga and is doing awesome. I cannot wait to watch her journey. I think this must be what Isis feels like with me.

On the first day of Yogmas my true love gave to me, a partridge in a pear tree.


On the second day…you know the song… turtle doves. We did pigeon for this one and like always I took the king variation. I love it too much.


Our French hens look like crows. 😉


For calling birds we did bird of paradise. This was only my second time trying this pose. I think I did fine but I did not stretch. Let me tell you how important warming up and stretching is when you’re doing yoga. I pinched something and had a knot in my back for a week. Not cool. Warm up, people!!!


Fiiiiivvveeee golden rings!!! Wheel of course!


Geese-a-laying was one of those hard ones where you can’t quite figure out what to do. I thought about doing a low squat so it would look like I was laying egg but went with child’s pose instead. Do I kind of look like a sleeping goose? LOL!!


Swans-a-swimming! Swan is a neat pose. Lots of balance.


The ONLY time it’s okay to associate milking a cow with a mom. Just sayin’.


Dancing ladies!!


For Lords-a-leaping I really had no clue what to do. I also got really busy this day and never posted or text Shari to tell her what the pose was. So she picked one and told ME what to do. So proud! And she picked a great pose!


How do you do yoga to look like someone playing an instrument? You don’t. You just choose a pose like Warrior 1.


For the 12th day, Christmas Day, I didn’t do yoga. But I did post a photo of Isis and I decorated as trees! (Hers is so much cuter than mine)


Something I forgot about was this challenge that was floating around about a month ago called #WriteinPincha. You actually have to write something while in a forearm stand. Seems easy right? Not one bit! Holding a pen and focusing on writing rather than balancing totally throws you off, you guessed it, balance. I started by getting up and then grabbing the pen. Every time I grabbed the pen I’d fall. It didn’t even occur to me to hold the pen and then get up. But I did manage to put the pen to paper and smile. I didn’t actually write anything but I smiled.


Right before the new year I did that #BestNine of 2016 on Instagram thingy. Not surprised that all 9 photos were yoga photos. 2016 was the year of backbends. I predict this year will be the year of arm balances. We shall see!!!


Annnndddd….before I go…my first pose of 2017. Chair on a chair! This is a giant chair outside Duck Donuts where we enjoyed hot, fresh, custom donuts. MMMMMM!!!!!


Much Bendy! So Bend! #NamasteTuesday

I’m totes sticking to my blogging goal so far!! How are you guys liking my #FarmlifeFriday posts? Since I do more than sit around with my birds, I decided to add another day to my weekly blogging.

Welcome to #NamasteTuesday!! My weekly yoga post!! Hope you enjoy.

In my “About Me” section I mention that I love Instagram. It’s true. I do. Not only do I love the fun filters that make me look purdy when I actually look haggard, there’s something different about the community of IG. I follow friends but I also follow a lot of yogis. These are my people even if I don’t actually know them. There’s something different about people who embrace the yoga lifestyle. And yes, it is a lifestyle. Yoga is not just about stretching and exercise to a lot of people. Yoga can become a way of life. Yoga has changed me, and the people I follow are like minded and share the same “beliefs” as me. (I use the weird beliefs because it’s the only word I could think of, but I don’t mean that in a religious aspect).

One thing I’ve changed in the last month or two is how I share things on Facebook. An acquaintance of mine mentioned that she hasn’t seen any fitness updates on my page in a while. I said, “that’s because my friends don’t care about that shit.” I don’t know if this is 100% true because they should care about things that I’m passionate about, but I don’t like pushing things in people faces. I don’t like to constantly update about my fitness routines, my healthy food, or my yoga because I imagine people are like, “We get it. You don’t eat junk food anymore and you do yoga.” But IG is different. On IG it’s encouraged. To me, it’s basically a blog in pictures. And when you follow the right people or #hashtag it right so people see your stuff, you get some really amazing positivity and encouragement.

I’ve seen “challenges” on IG a lot but never participated. Some of the yogis who do the challenges are quite intimidating. There are lots of handstand challenges that I cannot join because I don’t handstand. There are lots of balance challenges that I don’t join because I’m just starting to dip in to the arm balances. But about a month ago I saw a backbend challenge. I was sold!! Backbends are my most favorite!

It was a week of getting bendy and it was titled #SoulShineYogis. These challenges don’t actually have winners, they’re just a way to challenge yourself, promote businesses and yogis, and grow your network/community on IG. Below is my week of bends.


Just this last weekend I started a new backbend challenge called #Bentyogis. The poses in this challenge are a bit more, well, challenging. But I’m having a blast and “meeting” so many new yogis. It’s really amazing.

Here’s a sneak peek. This pose is called Alien and it is funky. 👽



I was about to publish this and realized I didn’t even plug myself. @chrissyq02 💜 Follow if you like!

I’m off to go put my birds back in the coop and start my day. Have a great rest of the week. See you Friday… Or maybe another day in between. 😉


Well, I did it. I joined Instagram. At first I said I would hold out and be the only person on the planet without one. Then I said that I would just sign up and browse, not get caught up in the craze. I signed up yesterday and posted 4 times already. Why am I telling all of you about it? Well first, you can follow me if you want, @chrissyq02. You will get a bit of insight into the life of Chrissy and I will try to update with all my projects, oh and if you ever buy anything from me and take a pic you can tag me #chrissyscreativecreations. Okay, now it seems even more awesome. The funniest part and part of the reason I decided to blog about it was because when I added my website (this one) to my account, the first post you would be sent to started out with, “I’m not on Instagram but…” I just thought was too funny!!

So, something else not craft related but super awesome, did you know that you are following a Youtube celebrity? You probably did not. Well, I have a video I posted almost 7 years ago and it’s been on quite a few tv shows, has almost 2.5 million views and was just on the Yahoo! homepage that other day. It was pretty cool to open up my browser and see myself on the front page.


This is the link that was on the homepage… HERE

And here’s my original video… Talking Goat

I have a feeling some of you may have seen this and just didn’t know that you “know” the person in the video. Anyway, pretty darn cool.

So to tie this in to the crafting world…I cannot. Except I guess for the part where I will post craftiness to my new Instagram #obsessed. LOL! But I am going to finish up the mustache baby set this week and get that into the mail, maybe make a quilt to go with it and I have a new canvas project in the works. Oh and my daughter starts Kindergarten in a week. AH!!!!

Happy Monday

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