“Hope Jewelry”

Chrissy’s Creative Creations is proud to (finally) present, my newest jewelry venture, Hope Jewelry!! YAY!!!

I don’t think I have blogged about the horse ranch at all, so let me give you a bit of story first… Last summer, while teaching yoga, I met a couple girls. One continued coming to class and later invited my family to her sister’s horse ranch for a Hoe Down to promote her non-profit organization. I immediately was excited to just be invited somewhere and possibly have some new friends (Isn’t it hard to make friends as an adult?). We went and had an absolute blast. We are not horse people but my daughter was drawn to them. She immediately ran over to get a ride and got on like a pro. It looked like she had been riding horses all her life. So of course we wanted to find out more. Turns out this program is a FREE program. Did you read that? FREE!! We still don’t know how this is possible but it is. So we got Gwen signed up.

Flash forward, we are now friends with the ranchers and I volunteer there. To be really clear on how “friendly” we are now, I practically live there. I am always finding reasons to go hang out, whether it’s ranch related or just girl-time related. The ranch has become a huge part of our lives. I am not volunteering with the horses but I am volunteering with the “Rancher Program” that focuses on gardening, farm stuff, and crafting for kids, who for various reasons, can’t or don’t want to be around horses. If you want to get a closer look, click this —-> Reining Hope

One day I was asked if I wanted to sell some of my jewelry at the ranch. Of course my answer was yes, but I thought that an even better idea would be to make special jewelry that is tied to the ranch and have the profits go right back to the ranch. That way people can support the ranch but also see my handy work and maybe hire me at another time. “Hope Jewelry” was born.


I am currently selling earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces that all tie into the ranch. Here is a list of what’s for sale with photos (not all items listed have photos. You’ll have to go to my craft page for that)

Earrings: $10. You can choose between earrings that say “HOPE” in hand-bent wire, or dangle earrings with various beads and a horseshoe.


Rings: $10. All hand-bent, silver plated copper wire, in the shape of the words “Hope” or “RH” (Reining Hope)


Bracelets: $15. Hand-bent wire to say “Hope”, I ❤ RH, and I ❤ Horses. These are all made with one end of the chain longer to have a dangly horseshoe on the end to add some flare.


Necklaces: $20. The words are the same as the bracelets but just in necklace form. In addition to the hand-bent wire words, I also made hammered wire horseshoes. I literally hammer the round wire to be flat, wrap the tops with wire, and make them into a charm for a necklace. So far those have been the best seller.


If you are interested in supporting myself and the ranch and buying any jewelry, hop on over to my craft page and shoot me a message. I’ll have everything listed shortly. Shipping is included in the price, but just know that all remaining profits go right back to Reining Hope.


Everything on display at the ranch


Just to continue plugging myself, here’s my other latest wire projects. I have a friend getting married (like, almost right this moment) and she asked me to make her a hanger with her new name, and necklaces for her flower girls.



Happy Thursday, everyone! Thanks for reading!! ❤


Feature of the Week and More

Here is my new feature of the week.

Come on over to my Facebook page and browse my selection of earrings for sale. Most are $15 so 2 pairs for $15 is an awesome deal.

Also, I am planning on doing a super blowout sale on Black Friday if I can get to 300 fans by Thanksgiving. I would love your help! I only need 3 more fans and it’s super easy. Just go to the right of this page and click the LIKE button on my Facebook tab. You won’t regret it. I update there more often than here, and I am thinking I will try to do a special deal for my blog followers.


Rings have been a super hit. I did a custom ring and matching bracelet the other day.

It’s an OM. I had to interpret it a bit different, especially for the ring being one complete piece of wire, but my customer LOVES it and can’t wait to wear it.

More Rings!!

Here’s a quick peek at what I am doing today. I was out buying more wire last night and I came across this….


Now I can make perfect circles and other shapes. It is already my absolute favorite new thing. I was perfecting some rings today and this came in sooooo handy.


This was a special order from a friend. So cute.


Also a special order…an anchor.

Rings may just be the next featured item. Stay tuned! And if you aren’t already, click LIKE on the right hand side and become a fan of Chrissy’s Creative Creations on Facebook. Stay up to date and you never know, I may do a special deal for my blog followers. 😉


Someone from Etsy had asked me to make her a bracelet with sterling silver wire. The only thing I could find (for a decent price) was silver plated and it’s thin. But even though it is thin, it’s super sturdy and durable. Since her purchase never happened, I decided to try some new things.



They are quite a hit already on my Facebook page.  I am selling them for $10 each.

I decided to  also use this wire for words for my bracelets and necklaces if people want also. It’s smaller so I can do longer words if people want.  So far, this one….

My customer hasn’t decided if she wants the necklace or bracelet, but I am totally digging the necklace.

And then I thought…I haven’t worn a toe ring in a long time. Ah ha!!

My daughter said, “Uh, mom? You can’t wear rings on your toes!” She clearly doesn’t look at feet very often.


Couldn’t resist the classic movie line!!!

A friend of mine, you have probably heard read her name a few times on my blogs, Sarah, is getting married!! Ya!! She asked me to make some gifts to give to her friends as she asked them to be Bridesmaids in her upcoming wedding. She searched online to find ideas and found one she liked. It was hangers with wire attached and the wire was bent in the shape of the word BRIDESMAID. Easy enough. Let’s do this!!

I used 12 gauge aluminum wire, the same that I use with most of my jewelry and with the help of my husband, drilled holes in the hangers and stuck the wire inside. The hangers are cedar and are just plain store-bought hangers.

I made 3 Bridesmaid, 1 Maid of Honor, and 1 Matron of Honor.

The best part is that they are still fully functional. So each lady can hang her dress on the hangers before the wedding.

Stay tuned from now until next year because hopefully Sarah will give me the pleasure of making more custom gifts for her wedding. So exciting!!

Irritated or Happy?

I have had my Facebook fan page for a little over a year now. It’s awesome. I feel like it’s been helping me a lot because I have a bunch of fans that aren’t people I actually know and I’ve had a great amount of people purchase items after they have seen them on the page. I am also so frustrated sometimes because of the lack of people I get to LIKE my page. It’s so easy; you click a button and you see all my stuff and all my updates. One of the new things on the fan pages are the insights. You see a graph will all kinds of numbers; how many people like your page, how many people you reach and a few other things. Again, this is awesome and a bit disappointing. I feel like Facebook is so huge and I am only reaching a teeny, tiny, wee baby little amount of people. For example, I currently have 262 likes (totally not complaining about his, that’s awesome). If all the friends of those 262 people also liked the page, I would have over 60,000 likes. Whoa! The one number that is keeping me interested the last couple weeks is the REACH number. Now, with some of the new settings on Facebook, when you LIKE something or comment on something, sometimes it decides to show up on your News Feed for everyone to see. Example, I liked a photo on a fan page and now everyone can see something that says, “Chrissy LIKED a photo” and it shows the photo. So this is working to my advantage because when people like or comment on something from my page, their friends see it. They don’t necessarily need to come to my page, but they can see me, sort of. This number used to range in the high hundreds. This last week, I was up to 756 people. Here’s where I get to the point of my story. I am soooo happy that that many people are seeing my stuff. But I am so irritated at the same time that they won’t LIKE my page. I guess it’s just part of the business. Like the saying, if you have a good experience somewhere you tell one or two people. But if you have a bad experience somewhere you tell ten. So I am back to feeling happy that there are no bad experiences.

Another thing that makes me both happy and irritated is the way people interact on my page. Now that it’s becoming more and more like a business, I try to keep the conversations on a business level. Here are some examples. I have a friend who likes to post things in some sort of language that is a little bit of English mixed with gibberish. I don’t mind this sort of posting on my personal page. But one day he posted something silly on my business page. I deleted it and told him to keep it professional. No big deal. A couple weeks ago my best friend posted something about hillbillies on the page. Again, delete and tell her that she may have mistaken my business page as my personal page. These things happen, you see my name more than once on your news feed and you get confused. Well yesterday I posted a question on my page about what sorts of words people want me to try to bend with wire. I got a good initial response; Peace, Faith… and then my friends posted “YOUR MOM.” At first I had the reaction of “Really?” Then she posted that she was serious and wanted to know if I could do it. As I was just about to delete the comment and email her saying, “I would love to make that for you but that is better suited for a private message,” people are LIKING her comment and saying that is so funny. So I’m torn. On one side I am happy because she does actually want a bracelet and that means more business for me and she got more people to interact with my page. But I still feel like it was inappropriate for my business page. Grrr… all these mixed emotions.

I will just continue on the path of being happy and make some more custom orders today and ride my skateboard to the post office.

Put a Little Love on Your Wrist

I am pretty sure I’ve posted a photo of the LOVE bracelet, I know I’ve posted one of the necklace…anyway, here’s the newest creation.

A friend really liked the bracelet but wondered if I could make it more into a cuff-like bracelet. And here it is. It can be bent just slightly to get around your wrist and then it stays snug in place. I added a small 4-link chain on the side just to be sure it stays in place. But boy are these popular. I’ve had a few orders of these so far and a bunch of people mad that they didn’t wait and buy this instead of the other LOVE bracelet.

I’m trying more names and things. I felt like I needed something to show off at my craft fair this weekend, so I made this one.

This way I can show off that I love my husband, and show off my mad wire bending skills at the same time.



I really didn’t know what else to call the title of this blog entry, so I just went with what I’m feeling. Right now I am feeling amazing. I have been doing nothing but making custom ordered jewelry the last couple days. I bought some new tools to help with my wire bending and I am trying all kinds of new things. I just finished making 2 name bracelets for a friend.

Taelor and Sienna.

I just sent out 3 invoices for different jewelry items. One is the LOVE bracelet that is quickly becoming a bestseller. Another is a custom order for a friend who wants to me to make a necklace for their girlfriend. She’s into sports and so I am making her a drop necklace with her jersey number and a charm hanging down. I can’t wait to get the charms in the mail to get started.

I have been noticing lately too that my networks are booming!! I am not sure if that’s the right way to state that, but… People are still not actually buying items from my Etsy page, but everyday there are people favoriting my individual items for sale and my entire shop. Just the fact that people are viewing my shop is so awesome. A year ago when I opened my Etsy shop, I would maybe get 1 or 2 views of my items because my mom would look at what I was selling. My LOVE bracelet has 69 views as of today. And even my baby shower items are getting more views. The skull set has 38 views and 3 favorites.

Now that I have been keeping up with my blog a little more often, people are starting to read these too. AND….Pinterest. I know I haven’t touched on that yet, but can I just say it’s amazing. I love that I finally have more ways to get random people to see my creations. I have a few followers on Pinterest, but I also found that I have people pinning my stuff from the internet. One day I was browsing the POPULAR section and saw one of my necklaces. Someone had seen it on Etsy and pinned it. And then 40 more people repinned it. So now those 40 people have a direct link to my Etsy page and my jewelry. Way cool!!!

This is a custom order I just finished. My customer wanted a starfish charm and orange beads to go with her orange outfits she bought for a trip to Florida. I found some charms online and voila. It’s so easy to order things from me. You ask, I find, I make.


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